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4 Potential Health Benefits of Oregano Oil Supplements


Oregano is an herb that many people use as a spice. It belongs to the same family as mint, but has a much more earthy and astringent flavor that makes it a great addition to your favorite Italian or Mexican dish. You can even use it as part of your supplement regimen.

That’s right, oregano contains oils that some research suggests may support a healthy immune and cardiovascular system, blood sugar levels, and a healthy metabolism. While adding the spice to your food is one way to enjoy oregano, using a specially formulated supplement from North American Herb & Spice may provide optimal medicinal results.

Wondering if an oregano supplement is right for you? We’ll discuss that in the article below!

The Potential Benefits Of Oregano Supplements

Oregano is noteworthy for its volatile oils and essences that that are naturally present in each plant. These compounds help to protect the plant from insects and foreign microorganisms. In some ways, this is how oregano oil is thought to support your body when taken as a supplement.

The science of how oregano works in the body is complicated, but researchers have identified several mechanisms of action to help all of us better understand its potential use as part of our daily lives.

Microbial Challenges

The essential oils of oregano have been suggested to disrupt the new growth of bacteria on meat surfaces and may even disrupt biofilms that some bacteria develop against antibiotics, suggesting that oregano may be useful as a natural preservative.

You may also consider adding a few drops of the essential oils to your natural cleaning formula.


Oxidative stress is a problem that occurs when the body is overwhelmed by general health problems, stress during daily life, and even toxins found in the environment. Basically, oxidative stress happens when the rate of cellular damage outpaces the body’s ability to fight back.

But the antioxidants found in oregano may help to provide the support that the body needs to maintain a balance between oxidation (the presence of radicals in the body) and support for healthy cells.

Immune And Cardiovascular System

Some research shows that oregano may help to regulate the inflammation response in a healthy immune system. The compounds found in oregano are thought to regulate the mediators that can increase or decrease inflammation in different areas of the body. At least one animal study found that oregano was useful in moderating inflammation resulting from obesity-induced liver injury; however, human trials would be required to validate these claims.

The regulation of the immune system may also provide support for the cardiovascular system. Cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and exposure to toxins from cigarette smoke or other sources may all contribute to challenges in the heart, arteries, or vessels. The antioxidants in oregano are also thought to help maintain the normal function of a healthy cardiovascular system.

Metabolic Function

Oregano contains two compounds known as carvacrol and thymol. These compounds are thought to help moderate how the body produces and uses energy. This may include support for the regulation of blood sugar levels within the normal range, a normal metabolism, and support for healthy weight management.

North American Herb & Spice Oregano Supplements

North American Herb & Spice specializes in herbal formulas made with wild and handpicked fruits, herbs, and spices harvested from all around the world. This includes the brand’s oregano products that are made with oregano from pristine regions that are free from human-made pollution and pesticides. Find them in capsules or as a liquid tincture.

In liquid form, you can use the product as a medicinal aid, mix it with food for additional flavor, or use it for cleaning. Take the capsule form if you a sensitivity to strong aromas or tastes.

Now matter how you enjoy oregano, you’ll be adding a little more flavor into your life while also providing your body the support it needs every day!