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Olive Leaf Complex and Your Immune System

olive leaf complex
Find out how olive leaf extract supplements may promote the health of your immune system.

Cooler weather is on its way, and for many, that means your immune system may need a kickstart before heading into battle! Seasonal changes are full of angry little pathogens that are just waiting to take you down. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to support your immune system, including olive leaf complex, which can be a great addition to your germ fighting infantry. Read this blog post to find out more!

Why Try Olive Leaf Complex?

It’s pretty well known that olive oil has many great potential benefits to your health. It aids in healthy digestion and is a protective agent for your heart and immune system, so keep at it if you’re already using it!

Oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol are two of the phenolic compounds with antioxidant properties that are found in all parts of the olive tree and its various parts. These components help protect the body against oxidation, contributing to healthy aging and a healthy immune response.

However, the olive leaf has also been used for centuries to promote the function of the immune system and to aid in the management of seasonal wellness. Olive leaf complex – usually a blend of olive leaf extract from the olive leaf itself and other nutrients in supplement form – is an easy and effective way to get even more of those healthy benefits.

How to Use It

You have options when it comes to choosing the olive leaf complex that’s best for you. It’s all about preference – whether you like to take a liquid supplement straight from the tablespoon, you feel more comfortable with a softgel or capsule, or you’re looking for a good way to add it to food or beverages. The most important thing is to use a fresh, high quality olive leaf complex that doesn’t contain any artificial colors, flavors, or additives. Here are some of our favorites and how we like to incorporate them into our daily routine.

Olive Leaf Complex from Barlean’s Organic Oils – This is a great dietary supplement if you’re the type of person who likes to take the natural approach to your health. One tablespoon a day will support your immune system to help maintain seasonal wellness. For children over two, cut the dosage in half. This brand also comes in a natural peppermint flavor.

Olive Leaf Complex Throat Spray – Barlean’s also makes this wonderful throat spray for when you’re already feeling a little under the weather. This olive leaf complex spray also combines a soothing mixture of peppermint, lemon, and sage to provide instant relief for a sore throat. It will also give your immune system much-needed support and can be used throughout the day as needed.

Mediterranean Pure-Wellness from Irwin Naturals – This convenient softgel delivers a powerful blend of immune-supporting natural ingredients like olive leaf complex, grape seed oil, red wine extract, extra virgin olive oil, and lycopene. Two softgels a day is all you need!

Organic Triple Action Toothpaste from Kiss My Face – This great tasting toothpaste, fortified with a gum protecting dose of olive leaf extract, is a great way to get in some extra nutrients while cleaning your teeth and freshening your breath. This product doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients and is never tested on animals, so you can feel good about using it. It also contains silica, which is known as a natural whitener!

D-Mannose Complex Powdered Drink Mix from DaVinci Laboratories – For those of us who are busy and always on the move, this time-saving drink mix is a great go-to support system for your health. For an added bonus, it also includes D-Mannose and cranberry to provide healthy support for your urinary tract. Just add one scoop to your water bottle and drink it up to three times daily. Bottoms up!

How do you like to get in your daily dose of olive leaf complex? Tell us about your routine in the comments below!