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Nordic Naturals Gets the Hollywood Treatment

Nordic Naturals Takes Credit for How to Get Hollywood Skin!

You may not expect to see ‘fish oil’ and ‘The Oscars‘ in the same sentence, but here goes: In the week leading up to The Oscars, a Harper’s Bazaar article recommends Nordic Naturals purified fish oil for that coveted Hollywood skin.

The nomination comes from one of Europe’s most skilled practitioners of cosmetic medicine, London-based Dr Michael Prager.

And in the same article, facialist Sarah Chapman says,

Most dehydrated skins have a compromised barrier function and lack omega oils. Without these lipids, your skin cannot hold on to moisture, no matter how much water you drink.

From Oily Fish to Your Skin

A classic sign of omega-3 deficiency has always been dry scaly skin rash.

Now for the science bit: As emollients, fatty acids will naturally moisturize and revitalize dry skin. Fish oils are a rich source of polyunsaturated fats, so they will help to restore fats lost in the skin and eliminate dryness

They also have anti-inflammatory qualities that may help lessen redness and swelling and limit irritation of skin exposed to the sun, helping to keep your skin clear.

All of this basically means that omega-3 fatty acids will provide considerable protection against skin cell damage, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

And beyond producing celebrity-like skin, omega-3s have also long been associated with brain development, joint function, healthy skin and eyes as well as better mental health.

A Cast that Exceeds Audience Expectations

But why does Nordic Naturals walk away with the golden statue for Best Fish Oil, you may ask?

Well, it starts at the very beginning, with the raw materials. Only four fish made it through grueling auditions to be cast — ahem — in Nordic Naturals’ productions, all naturally low in toxins and high in omega-3 fats: Artic cod from Norwegian waters, anchovies and sardines from the Southern Pacific Ocean, and salmon from Alaska’s Cook Inlet.

The result is a purity that exceeds critics’ expectations. Many leading organizations and experts have set purity standards for natural products. Nordic Naturals meets every one of them, and then some.

The company describes itself as, “bringing forward a new definition of fish oil quality as it relates to purity, freshness, taste, dosage, and sustainability.”

Scaling the Heights

The tenuous connection to Hollywood is not the only link the company has to the Sunshine State, however.

Travelling to California in the mid-1980s to complete his MBA, founder Joar Opheim was unable to find the quality fish oil he had come to depend on to help manage his old gymnastic injuries. His short-term solution was to fill his suitcase with bottles of oil every time he returned home, which must have looked pretty interesting in some of those airport security scans.

Longer term, however, he took on the challenge of bringing superior fish oil to the world, driven by his Norwegian heritage, knowledge of fish oil, and love of science.

Challenging the Next Generation

Now Nordic Naturals is challenging the next generation. It is offering a $5,000 essay scholarship to the student who can produce the best essay on the essential components of the education this generation of college students needs to make a positive impact on the world.

The closing date is March 31, 2013, and further details are available on Facebook.

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