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Natural Seasonal Support for Kids

seasonal support for kids

Learn about seasonal support for kids.

Spring has officially arrived, bringing with it a burst of colorful flowers and tiny new buds. Although beautiful, this season often also provides a host of seasonal discomfort for many families. Watery eyes and drippy noses are all too common when the pollen of spring fills the air, making it hard to enjoy the newly warmed up temps. If your family struggles with springtime discomfort, here are a few seasonal support products and methods designed to provide relief for you and your kids.

5 Ways to Ease Seasonal Challenges

Stay Inside on High Pollen Days

If the forecast suggests the pollen count is high, or allergens (like hay, ragweed or tree pollen) your family struggles with are at their peak, it may be best to stay indoors. While it’s hard to stay inside on a beautiful spring day, it’s certainly better to play a board game at the table than be miserable at the park.

Improve Indoor Air

If the air inside your home is part of the problem, you need to start there. Be sure the air filter on your heating and cooling system doesn’t need to be replaced; if it’s been too long – replace it right away. A good average on when to replace your air filter is every 90 days. Additionally, you should consider adding a humidifier to your child’s bedroom and/or to other rooms they spend a lot of time in. Dry air will compound seasonal sinus struggles, while clean, moist air may provide some relief.

Try Sinus Rinsing

Using a neti pot, nasal irrigation bottle, or another saline nasal rinse method can help keep sinuses clear and moisturized. Although many kids resist this method at first, many report feeling fewer seasonal symptoms afterwards. Be sure to use filtered water and a properly mixed saline solution when sinus rinsing.

Use a Soothing Compress

Sometimes a warm or cool cloth draped across the face or forehead can soothe an itchy face or watery eyes. While your child is laying down, soak a clean washcloth with warm or cool water (depending on your kiddo’s preference). Ring it out and drape it over their forehead for itch relief. (Try adding 2-3 drops of pure lavender or cedarwood essential oils for extra aromatherapy relief.)

Increase Your Probiotic Intake

Science continues to back up the idea that our overall health is linked with a healthy gut. One way to provide seasonal support to your family is to up their intake of probiotics, promoting balanced a healthy gut. You can do this through fermented foods like sauerkraut and yogurt or through probiotic supplements like Primadophilus Kids from Nature’s Way.

Supplements for Kid’s Seasonal Support

Some conventional medications designed to provide seasonal support aren’t recommended for kids, while others may leave them feeling drowsy. Hylands has more than a decade of experience providing targeted nutrition designed to help parents care for their kids. Allergy Relief 4 Kids by Hylands is a homeopathic product formulated to offer temporary relief from   seasonal health challenges using natural, active ingredients.

If your child struggles with a particular allergen, bioAllers offers products specifically designed to bring comfort. From specific seasons and tree types, to pets, dust, and mold, bioAllers has a product that provides the targeted support your child needs to stay at play.

What are your seasonal support ideas to keep your busy family feeling their best when the pollen blows? Share your tips and favorite products with us in the comments section below.

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