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10 Products That Natural-Minded Mama’s Love

natural-medicine-for-kids2Whether your child is dealing with a cold, flu, allergies, teething, eczema or constipation, there’s always some sort of natural remedy out there that you can try first.

As I’ve learned more about natural health and homeopathics, my medicine cabinet has started filling up with natural remedies you won’t typically find on any drug store’s shelves.

Here are 10 of those natural treatments, in case you want to have them on hand too!

1. Homepoathic Allergy Relief for Kids

allergy relief kidsChildren’s Sabadil pellets are made by Boiron, a leading manufacturer of homeopathic medicine. Sabadil, is designed to work naturally with your child’s body to help relieve hay fever and upper respiratory allergy symptoms.

If your child is dealing with itchy and watery eyes, sneezing fits, runny nose, itchy nose or a sore throat associated with allergies, Sabadil is probably worth a try.

It’s a non-drowsy formula with zero side effects and does not interact with other drugs.

To learn more about fighting seasonal allergies naturally, read this article Fight Seasonal Allergies.

2. Homeopathic Teething Relief for Baby

camilia teething reliefSo many moms love Boiron’s Camilia for natural teething relief. A customer of  Natural Healthy Concepts says,

“Camilia is amazing! My son was fussy at night and my hippie sister suggested I try Camilia. I was so excited when it worked! It seemed to calm my son almost instantly. He was able to get some sleep, and so was I! We have been using Camilia for over 6 months now. It’s great for teething and it has no risk of over-dose, which helps me feel better. I highly recommend Camilia to everyone!”

The point of homeopathic supplements is that they work naturally with your baby’s body. Camilia works to provide relief from pain and irritability. As a bonus, Camilia also supports baby’s digestion, since sometimes during the teething process infants can have minor digestive issues. It’s easy to use – you just have to squeeze the liquid into your baby’s mouth. You can even use it every 15 minutes if you need to.

Learn more natural ways to comfort your teething baby in the article 5 Natural Ways to Help Your Teething Baby.

3. Children’s Homeopathic Flu Medicine

childrens-oscillococcinumChildren’s Oscillococciunum is a homeopathic medicine that offers some temporary relief for flu-like symptoms.

Anything from body aches and chills to fever and just feeling run-down. Just so you know, Boiron makes an Oscillococcinum for adults too. I’ve tried it and it works wonders.

So far, I haven’t needed to use it for my two boys. Knock on wood, right?

But I do know that it’s safe and super easy to take. It’s like eating tiny balls of candy that melt in your mouth. Plus, you don’t have to worry about negative side effects. That’s the great thing about natural medicines.

But don’t forget – fever is our friend. Over the years, doctors and parents have had a bad case of “fever phobia,” and are so quick to give our kids acetaminophen or another drug. But the fever is really a blessing in disguise.

Learn more about that in this article, Did You Know Fever is our Friend? Why Your Child’s Fever Should Be Left Untreated.

Colds and flu childrens Alpha CFBoericke & Tafel’s Children’s Colds & Flu, is another natural homeopathic company also known as B & T.

It’s a similar formula to Oscillococcinum, but it addresses a few other symptoms besides chills, body aches and fever.

It also supports common cold symptoms, providing some relief of runny and stuffy noses, sneezing, coughing, sore throat and headaches.

In an effort to reduce or prevent colds and flu in your home, read these helpful articles on 11 Ways to Prevent Getting Colds or the Flu, and 8 Winter Health Woes and How to Fight Them Naturally.

4. Homeopathic Colic Relief for Baby

cocyntalIf you are in a situation where you’ve done everything and you can’t seem to calm your poor child down, Cocyntal by Borion is a safe and natural homeopathic remedy you could try for your baby.

It’s completely safe, and has no side effects. It helps to relieve colic symptoms as well as gas pain and irritability.

If you’re wondering how to know if your baby is even suffering from “colic,” you can be pretty sure he is if he’s crying for more than three hours a day, more than three days a week and for at least 3 consecutive weeks at a time.

colic complexIn that case, Vinco, Inc. also makes a Children’s Colic Complex formula you could try. It’s grape flavored liquid drops meant for the extremely irritable baby with excessive colic. It will also help with all the painful GI distress.

FYI – Italian researchers have proven that infants will experience less fussiness, acid reflux and constipation from colic if they are given probiotics in the first three months of life.

In fact, read this article about Good Versus Bad Bacteria, 8 Ways Probiotics Help Your Kids.

Plus, getting enough probiotics during pregnancy can also help reduce symptoms of colic and crying time by 75%. 

Spread the good word!

5. Children’s Natural Common Cold Relief

cold calmColdcalm pellets from Borion, are for kids ages three and up. It won’t make them tired, and it can help relieve sneezing, runny nose, congestion, minor sore throat, sinus pain, headaches from cold and loss of taste and smell from a cold. Sometimes it seems like homeopathy is too good to be true.

Can a medicine that doesn’t have negative side effects and no risk of overdose, really help our kids?!

These remedies are made from plants, animals and minerals – and that’s why they are so safe. They are made by repeated dilution and shaking – which helps stimulate the healing process. If you’re curious, read this article about how homeopathy works.

Nature’s Way also makes a homeopathic cold medicine for kids – ages 6 and up.

natures-way_umcka-cold-care-childrens-cherry-NW4_main_225x225Umcka ColdCare is a cherry syrup that’s 99.95% alcohol-free.

It helps to shorten and reduce coughing, sore throat and nasal and chest congestion. And instead of masking the symptoms with an OTC medicine that has negative side effects, Umcka ColdCare’s natural extracts address the cause.

The main ingredient is Pelargonium sidoides, which works with the immune system to boost the natural antiviral defenses in the body.

I love how natural medicines work with the body instead of against it.
tiny cold tablets, hylandsHyland’s is also a very well known homeopathic brand since 1903. Their Baby Tiny Cold Tablets are for children 6 months and older.

Just like all the other homeopathic medicines, you don’t have to worry about artificial flavors, dyes, parabens or any other harmful ingredients.

Tiny Cold Tabs are super soft and dissolve right away. They also help to get rid of germs causing runny noses, congestion and sneezing from a cold.

There are also tons of positive reviews posted from other moms raving about these tabs.

Either trust their advice, or get a box and try them on your own child next time.

6. Homeopathic Medicine to Comfort Earaches

comfort-for-earachesEar infections send way too many parents to the emergency room.

But, many of those incidences are just earaches that are being treated as an infection. That means all those kids are taking antibiotics when they probably don’t need to be!

Learn more in my article on 3 Ways to Avoid Ear Infections + 8 Natural Treatments.

With that said, if you need something to help ease the pain and comfort from your child’s earache, there are a couple homeopathic remedies you can try.

First is Comfort for Earaches by Herbs for Kids. If your kiddo has an earache from teething, from cold air or just plain inflammation in the ear, these cherry flavored chewables just might help them get some temporary relief.

infant-earacheHyland’s also makes drops for infants with earaches. The drops work quickly to naturally soothe their discomfort.

If your child really does have an ear infection and is taking antibiotics, you can still use the drops in addition, to help stop the pain.

Hyland’s drops even help pain and itching caused by swimmers ear.



7. Children’s Natural Cough & Sore Throat Relief

natranixOrtho Molecular, one of Natural Healthy Concepts best selling brands, makes this children’s cough formula. Natranix natural cough syrup for kids is made with a blend of natural botanicals and can help with dry or wet coughs.

Thyme, elderberry and sage are added to help soothe irritation in the throat, and anise helps loosen phlegm. Echinacea is also added to help give their immune system a healthy boost.

It’s non-drowsy and made with no artificial anything! So no worries at all.

cough chestalBoiron’s Chestal is a homeopathic cough syrup made with honey to gently soothe a child’s sore throat.

It helps stop cough and relieve congestion, as well as loosen mucus and thin bronchial secretions to make coughs more productive.

I’ve used this syrup for my boys, and they don’t mind the taste.



super-kids-throatHerbs for Kids Super Kids Throat Spray can be used for 1-year olds and up.

The certified organic mix of wild harvested echinacea, rose hips, licorice root and thyme, work together to soothe the throat and respiratory system.

It’s alcohol-free and tastes like peppermint!



8. Natural Constipation Relief for Kids

ready-set-goReady! Set! Go! is a natural constipation herbal relief supplement by Ortho Molecular. It’s made with natural fruit and plant extracts that are safe for children of all ages.

The syrup is made with plums, figs and prunes – which are all fibrous foods. Ginger is added to help soothe the stomach.

It also combines four other seed extracts, which are known to help with occasional constipation.


constipation-formulaVincos also makes a grape flavored constipation formula to help loosen up those little tummies. This is a homeopathic medicine for children 6 months and up.

From hard and difficult poops, to painful cramps and even hemorrhoids, these drops are made to help kids with all sorts of troubles in the bathroom.

FYI – these remedies are just for temporary relief. Frequent constipation should be addressed, since it could mean there are other issues with your child’s gut. In fact, read this article – Why Constipation is Not Normal & 10 Natural Remedies.

9. Natural Diaper Rash Calendula Cream for Baby

waleda diaper careNatural Healthy Concepts has several diaper rash creams, but Calendula Diaper Care by Weleda is the best seller.

It’s 100% natural and made with zinc oxide as its active ingredient. It combines natural oils and herbs to help quickly relieve diaper rash or other skin irritations.

It also gives your baby’s bottom a bit of a protective barrier against moisture to help alleviate the issue all together.



10. Natural Eczema Relief Cream

xemaLook, No X MA! Cream by Four Elements is made with organic calendula, chamomile, comfrey and licorice.

It also has beeswax, organic shea butter, evening primrose oil and vitamin E. The ingredients come from medicinal plants grown in the Baraboo Bluffs of central Wisconsin!

This cream has helped many kids and adults suffering from eczema. It helps to ease their inflammation and itching. But only temporarily – and only on the outside.

Often times, eczema or other skin rashes mean there’s an issue in the gut. To learn more about healing eczema naturally, read this article – 5 natural Ways to Treat Eczema.

Keeping your child’s immune system strong is the key to good health all around.

Food is first. Because our gut is where most of our immune system lives. Typically, a healthy gut means a healthy immune system. Check out this health and nutrition pyramid to find out what to eat.

Then, take a look at our natural healthy kids checklist for boosting the immune system. How many can you check off?

Know of something else from that does wonder for your child’s health? Leave a comment – we’d love to hear from you!

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