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7 Must-Have Natural Makeup Brands for Your Beauty Arsenal

natural makeup
Discover 7 must-have natural makeup brands.

These days everyone seems to be concerned about the food we put into our bodies. The phrases all natural, organic, and non-GMO seem to be everywhere and with good reason! We should be concerned about putting chemicals into our bodies, but what about the chemicals we put on our face? Do you really know what’s in the makeup you happily spread onto your precious skin everyday, and should you instead consider trying natural makeup? Keep reading to discover seven natural makeup brands that could make a difference to your health!

The truth is, if you’re not using natural makeup, you are likely spreading dangerous chemicals all over your face. You may be asking, if they are so bad for you, why are they available for sale? Well, it’s the same with food. The amount of chemicals (even including lead in some products) is small enough that it’s been deemed safe for use – but it’s still in there! Just like you are wary of many of the nasty chemicals that are deemed safe in foods, you should think hard about what you are feeding your skin.

Here are seven natural makeup brands that look and feel great, and best of all – they’re safe to use and have potential health benefits for your skin!

Try These Natural Makeup Brands

  1. Real Purity – There are several cool things about this brand of natural makeup. First, it’s a family-run business that is committed to using only toxic-free products containing organic, botanical, and wild-crafted ingredients. They offer a variety of facial creams, lotions, and cleansing products, but what we really love is the selection of natural makeup. Choose from a wonderful selection of cream or powdered blush, and eyeshadow colors that are a real game changer!
  2. LaveraThis brand is a big winner in the foundation department. You have several natural makeup options here – choose liquid or mousse foundation, or try a two-in-one compact. We also love their mascara and eyeliner options. Try the Intense Volumizing Mascara for clump-free volume and length.
  3. Andalou Naturals – This brand is a big winner for all-natural moisturizers and facial cleansers. They also have a nice variety of natural shampoos, conditioners, and hair styling products.
  4. 100% Pure – This is a one-stop shop for creamy vegan eyeliners that give you a great pop of color and glide over your lids, without the risk of pulling and stretching. We also love their fun lipstick shades that give a lightweight glow and are soft to the touch.
  5. Jane Iredale – 100% natural makeup concealers and mineral powders are what makes this brand a serious go-to. Their famous under-eye concealer comes in a variety of shades and easily hides any darkness or imperfections. If you’ve never used mineral powder makeup before, this is a good brand to start with. It is completely free of synthetic materials and provides sheer to medium coverage for those who want a natural look.
  6. Miessence – This brand’s Bronzing Dust is must-have for creating that sun-kissed look – without damaging your skin! It can be worn alone, or over foundation. Another favorite product from this brand is their Luxurious Body Powder. It can be used wherever you tend to perspire and helps to prevent chafing.
  7. Erth Minerals – Looking for a wonderful natural makeup lipgloss? Try these amazing colors that are perfect for everyday wear. They each have a yummy sweet flavor and silky feel that won’t clump or become sticky. Best of all, they are all 100% vegan and cruelty free. This brand is also well-known for their wonderful mineral foundations and blushes that come in so many colors, you’ll have no problem finding the exact shade for your skin tone.

Have you noticed a difference in your skin since using natural makeup? Tell us your story in the comments below!