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15 Healthy & Natural Gift Sets to Help You Finish Holiday Shopping

15 Holiday Gift Sets from NHC

The holidays are the perfect time to show people in your life how much they mean to you.

It’s also a season that’s packed full of things to do, stuff to take care of and places to go. The act of gift-giving should be enjoyable – not a burden. But hectic schedules can take all the joy out of it.

That’s why we decided to put together a collection of gift sets at Natural Healthy Concepts. We hope it makes shopping just a bit simpler for you.

Each one has a specific theme to help you find something for that hard-to-shop-for person on your list.

While we start with a recommended full package – you’ll have some power to make the final decision too. With every gift set, you can pick and choose the items you do or do not want to include. You can also select specific quantities of each product. That means you can create a gift that fits your budget and your recipient’s style.

Here’s a look at each of our 15 holiday gifts sets. Make sure you click through to the main website to see prices, build your own customized set and learn more about the individual products.

1. Aromatherapy Gift Set

Aromatherapy Gift SetChristmastime is a season that lights up all five of your senses. And the scents of the holidays always bring back good memories.

This gift set includes three essential oils from NOW Foods – peppermint, cinnamon and balsam fir. They’ll make the house smell fantastic.

Plus, the person you give this to can use them all year long, because these scents are classics.

The entire package also includes a few ways to diffuse the scents as well as a book about the health benefits of aromatherapy.

  • Click Here for more on the entire Aromatherapy Gift Set

2. Bath & Body Gift Set

Bath & Body Gift SetMany of us use our baths and showers as an opportunity to escape and relax. This special collection of natural bath products will help your special someone shower in good health!

It’s important to be aware of all the potentially harmful ingredients used to make typical bath and beauty products.

This set includes an all-natural body wash, body scrub and body cream.

Plus, you can also give them a Loofah bath mitt and the popular Fuzz Brush for exfoliation and healthy circulation.

Check out our video demonstrating the Fuzz Brush below.

  • Click Here for more on the entire Bath & Body Gift Set

3. Coconut Oil Lover Gift Set

Coconut Oil Gift SetIf you’ve already discovered the health benefits, versatility and scrumptious taste of coconut oil – maybe it’s time you shared the news with someone else.

You can do it in the form of a very cool gift set!

This collection includes a big 16 ounce jar of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from Garden of Life. There’s also some coconut oil supplements, a coconut protein bar and the book Coconut Oil for Health & Beauty.

The book is a nice resource full of expert advice and ideas for how to use coconut oil in everyday life.

  • Click Here for more on the entire Coconut Oil Gift Set

4. Hair Care Gift Set

Hair Care Gift SetShampoos and conditioners can also come with toxins, parabens and other unnatural ingredients. But not the stuff in this gift set!

We put together some of our favorite hair care products to make shower-time relaxing and healthy. That includes shampoo and conditioner from 100% Pure – made with beneficial Burdock root. There are also products for promoting shine and holding everything in place.

Most women are quite serious about their lovely locks. She will appreciate the fact that you care almost as much as she does.

  • Click Here for more on the entire Hair Care Gift Set

5. Herbal Tea Lover Gift Set

Herbal Tea Gift SetGot a tea-drinker on your shopping list? They will love the herbal selections we’ve included in this gift set.

It includes four kinds of tea from Mountain Rose Herbs – all made with organic ingredients. There’s Easy Day Tea, Firefly Chai, Matcha Tea and Dream Blend. That last tea can even promote vivid and colorful nighttime dreams.

To make it a really sweet gift idea you can top off the set with some Raw Manukah Honey from Organic Bee Farms.

  • Click Here for more on the entire Herbal Tea Lover Gift Set

6. Natural Man Gift Set

Men's Gift SetWe didn’t forget about the guys when we were thinking up our holiday gift sets. This one helps your man stay fresh and clean – as well as healthy.

You’ll find a selection of products from Aubrey Organic’s Men’s Stock line.  There’s all-natural shampoo, conditioner and a manly moisturizer.

Plus, he’ll smell great when he uses the City Rhythms aftershave with scents of cedar and sandalwood.

If you’ve got a “natural man” in your life – these products definitely fit the bill!

  • Click Here for more on the entire Men’s Hair Care Gift Set

7. Healthy Nails Gift Set

Nail Polish Gift SetStriking nail polishes in the new winter colors from Zoya are the big stars of this gift set.

Zoya makes natural nail products that are free of potentially dangerous ingredients – which makes them safe for pregnant women who should avoid typical nail polish.

If you’d prefer other colors – make sure to shop around and add them separately – because we have a very extensive selection of Zoya nail polishes.

Also included in this set is a topcoat, nail brush with all-natural bristles and a Pedi-Care Grooming Kit from Earth Therapeutics.

  • Click Here for more on the entire Healthy Nails Gift Set

8. Healthy Facial Gift Set

Facial Gift SetThe sensitive skin on our faces can sometimes take a beating – not only from the elements but from the beauty products we put on it day after day.

This gift set from Natural Healthy Concepts is full of beneficial products to help you care for your face naturally. Many of the items include Moroccan Argan  Oil as the main ingredient.

Argan  Oil has so many health benefits, this oil is often called “liquid gold.”  It is especially good for your skin because it is very high in Vitamin E.

The set includes a facial scrub, wrinkle complex, a cell-stimulating facial mask – even an organic lip balm. And that’s not all!

  • Click Here for more on the entire Healthy Facial Gift Set

9. Dog Lover Gift Set

Dog Lover Gift SetThis gift set lets you pamper your pet puppy! After all – our dogs really are part of the family, right?

Many of the items in the collection help you take care of your dog’s teeth and gums. It’s not something we think about often – but it’s important – and neglecting a pet’s oral hygiene can lead to serious problems as they age.

The big bonus for you…no more dog breath!

There’s something fun in there for your doggie too. He’ll love the healthy peanut butter treats from Mr. Biscuit!

  • Click Here for more on the entire Dog Lover Gift Set

10. Spa & Pretty Feet Gift Set

Pretty Feet Gift SetHelp her recreate a trip to the spa to have her feet pampered with this amazing set of products.

We put together some of our favorite items from Aromafloria’s For Feet’s Sake line including a foot scrub, a foot soak and a special spa butter. There are also a few products from Earth Therapeutics – like soft heel gel sleeves and a pumice stone.

There’s even a convenient wooden foot massager.

However – if this gift is for your significant other – we highly recommend including an IOU for a few manual foot rubs from you!

  • Click Here for more on the entire Spa & Pretty Feet Gift Set

11. Raw Foodie Gift Set

Raw Foodie Gift SetMore and more people are joining the “Raw Food Revolution.” If you know someone who’s trying extra hard to eat healthy food – this gift set will make their holiday bright.

It’s packed with nutritious and delicious products – like Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Raw Energy Nut Mix, organic honey, green tea and much more!

Many of these products aren’t easy to find unless you go to a health food store.

We’ve even included a handy book, Living In the Raw Gourmet, which is essentially a manual on the Raw Food diet.

  • Click Here for more on the entire Raw Foodie Gift Set

12. Stress Less Gift Set

Stress Relief Gift SetStress can sometimes hit us hard during the holidays – but it doesn’t exactly let up the rest of the year either.

There are healthy ways to address stress and keep calm. We’ve included some of our favorites in this set, which allows you to give the gift of relaxation.

You’ll find Aromafloria’s Stress Lesss inhalation beads, massage oil, and body lotion. Plus, the Anti-Stress Sinus Pillow from Earth Therapeutics is the perfect way to unwind and help ease those tension headaches.

In addition to the items in this package – you may want to add some of the all-natural Stress Support Supplements offered at Natural Healthy Concepts.

  • Click Here for more on the entire Stress Less Gift Set

13. Travel Gift Set

Travel Gift SetTraveling can be a real pain. Especially when you want to bring natural personal care products on the plane – but you can’t get them passed airport security.

The handy, travel-sized items in this gift set will make things a lot easier for the person who’s always flying the friendly skies. There is a tiny tube of flouride-free toothpaste, some shampoo and conditioner, body wash and lotion – even natural hairspray. Each of the products is made by a trusted name in natural health.

Plus, if motion sickness is ever an issue for the traveler on your list, we’ve included chewable Ginger Trips from Solaray.

  • Click Here for more on the entire Travel Gift Set

14. Soft Hands Gift Set

Soft Hands Gift SetDry, cracking hands feel awful, and they don’t exactly look pretty either. The winter season is one of the worst times of year for people who struggle with dried-out hands.

We assembled some of the most effective natural health products for healing and repairing hands damaged by weather conditions, exposure to chemicals and other factors. You’ll find Aloe Moisture Gloves, which can be worn right after applying lotion to the hands.

Of course, there are a few choices for lotion too, including a healing salve for hands and cuticles, an Orange Blossom and Honey Lotion from Naked Bee as well as an organic body scrub to cleanse and moisturize everything!

She’ll get a little relief, and softer, prettier hands too!

  • Click Here for more on the entire Soft Hands Gift Set

15. Vitamix TurboBlend Gift Set

Vitamix TurboBlend Gift SetThe Vitamix has become a trendy kitchen gadget for those who love making protein shakes, dietary drinks, detox smoothies as well as many other healthy beverages and dishes.

There’s a good reason the Vitamix is so popular…

It’s an amazing product that is much more than just a blender or a juicer. Besides the fact that it can grind, chop and blend just about any kind of food – the Vitamix TurboBlend can help you make many different things. That includes soups that are heated right inside the Vitamix.

This gift set comes with a free DVD guide as well as a book full of recipes for entrees, desserts and side dishes your creative gift recipient can make. The set also includes a sports bottle with the patented, wire-wisk BlenderBall for mixing up healthy shakes on the go.

No  – the Vitamix isn’t cheap. But this is a professional-quality product that will last many years. Watch our Vitamix demo as nutritionist Theresa Groskopp makes a delicious detox shake in the video below.

  • Click Here for more on the entire Vitamix TurboBlend Gift Set

Give the Gift of Good Health!

Do you have more ideas for healthy gifts? You can always browse Natural Healthy Concepts and build your very own set.

What would you make and why?

Take Another Look!

Here are all of the Natural Healthy Gift Sets laid out for you in an eye-popping graphic!

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