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“On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin,”… and Wellness?

Bucky Badger 2003-Present
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When you think about Wisconsin, do you think World Champion Green Bay Packers, cheeseheads, Bucky Badger, brat eaters and beer drinkers?  Not that all these things go together, mind you!  It would be normal of you to think that, but do you ever think “wellness” when you think of Wisconsin? There are many of us here in the Badger state who are passionate about health and wellness!

At Natural Healthy Concepts our steadfast passion is the belief that the foundation of health and wellness lies in proper nutrition. Natural Healthy Concepts is about quality natural health products by real people who care and share the philosophy that ‘your health is the best investment you’ll ever make’!  To supplement proper nutrition, Natural Healthy Concepts is absolutely dedicated to providing a large selection of highest quality, pharmaceutical grade vitamin and supplement products delivered through excellent customer care and commitment for our customers’ optimal health, wellness and a lifestyle of vitality.

It might also surprise you to know that Stevens Point, Wisconsin is home to the National Wellness Institute, which will be hosting the 36th Annual National Wellness Conference. If you are a wellness practitioner, you might want to give serious consideration to attending this year’s conference. Here is a brief history of the Institute:

The National Wellness Institute, Inc. (NWI) was officially formed in 1977. Originally, the organization was launched under the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (UWSP) Foundation, as the Institute for Lifestyle Improvement. Three UWSP faculty at that time—Dennis Elsenrath, EdD, CWP, director of counseling services; Fred Leafgren, PhD, director of student life; and Bill Hettler, MD, CWP, director of health services—joined together with the idea that we, as humans, could live better, healthier lives through the principles of balance and awareness. In 1976, Dr. Hettler released what was to become the base philosophy for the National Wellness Institute: the Six Dimensions of Wellness model. The six dimensions are intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, occupational, and physical. By balancing these six dimensions and actively seeking to improve them, the organization’s founders believed individuals could improve their overall well-being.”

In 1985, the name of the organization was changed to the National Wellness Institute to reflect a more global mission. In 1988, NWI separated from the UWSP Foundation and applied for its own nonprofit status, which was granted August 3, 1989. The National Wellness Institute remains headquartered in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

Each summer NWI welcomes well-minded individuals to Stevens Point, Wisconsin, for its annual National Wellness Conference. Patch Adams, Geoffrey Canada, Mike Huckabee, Naomi Judd, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and many other notable individuals have given voice to the wellness movement at the National Wellness Conference. The NWI Foundation has actively brought individuals to the National Wellness Conference on scholarships.

If NWI wasn’t positively impacting lives enough, it began accrediting undergraduate health promotion and wellness programs in 2008 and certifying professional wellness practitioners in early 2009. Today the organization has an active membership and educational outreach program and continues to expand its offerings to meet the growing needs of wellness professionals globally.”  The institute has had such an impact on promoting the importance of wellness, that in 2009, then Governor Jim Doyle made the second Wednesday of April, “Wellness Day In Wisconsin.”

Natural Healthy Concepts is only abouty 90 minutes  southeast from Stevens Point. When you come to the conference, swing down and shop our supplement store. If you’re pressed for time, then we make it easy for you too - at NHC, you can shop online for all your wellness needs!

So there you have it – the next time you see our famous red, Bucky Badger “W” and think Wisconsin, you can think wellness, too!

PS – We have good beer here, too!