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Support Your Health With Myrrh Gum

What do you think of when you hear about gold, frankincense, and myrrh? The three famous elements are a common trio to hear around the Christmas holiday. Most everyone who has heard the biblical story knows these items were brought as gifts to Jesus after his birth, but aside from gold, most people don’t actually know what frankincense and myrrh actually are. Both natural ingredients, frankincense and myrrh were thought to help a variety of ailments.  So it’s no wonder why these items, specifically myrrh, were a thoughtful and useful gift to give a mother and her newborn.

What is Myrrh Gum Exactly?

Myrrh is a shrub-like tree originally grown in the Middle East. Similar to sap, it’s a gum-resin that is reddish in color. It is known for its aromatic smell and is considered bitter in taste. To enjoy its unique flavors or scents, shop for raw myrrh gum, supplements, and essential oils.

Origins of Myrrh Gum

For a long time, myrrh was used with frankincense for medicinal purposes in India, China, Rome to just name a few. Up until the 18th century, myrrh was a popular substance that was thought to help with a variety of problems.

Myrrh is thought to have cleaning and aromatic properties. It is grown primarily in the North East Africa and Arabia, specifically near the Nubian Desert. It has been used for medicinal purposes, including as a mouthwash and even the mummification of Egyptian Pharaohs. It was also considered a vital holy oil for the Jewish religion hundreds of years ago.

Potential Benefits of Myrrh Gum

There are many potential benefits to incorporating myrrh into your daily health routine. Myrrh gum is a great option if you’re looking for something to support oral health. For a healthy respiratory system and lungs, myrrh may help to encourage healthy lungs. And most commonly, myrrh may be an ideal substance to promote a healthy immune system for a variety of ailments.

Where Can I Get Myrrh?

The most popular way to add myrrh gum to your diet is by taking capsules. It’s an easy, mess free way help support your digestion, immune system and overall health.  If you don’t like swallowing pills, another popular product we offer is Myrrh complex. Myrrh complex comes in liquid form and is taken orally. Just a few drops on the tongue a few times a day and your on your way to maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle.

Do you love essential oils? If you prefer the aromatic benefits of myrrh, adding this essential oil to your collection is always a winner. It can be combined with other oils to create a soothing and healthy atmosphere for you and your loved ones.

Try myrrh today!

If you’re looking for a natural ingredient to add to your daily routine that helps promote a healthy immune system and dental health, look no further. Myrrh’s many potential benefits make it an excellent supplement.  Whether it’s a capsule or an essential oil, there’s really no wrong way to implement myrrh in your daily health routine. After all, there’s a reason why it’s been used for hundreds of years.

Have you tried and love myrrh? Share in the comments below!