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Milk Thistle Supports Liver Detox – Even in Pets!

liver detox
Try milk thistle for a liver detox that’s safe for even your pets!

While you’re getting a jump start on the spring cleaning at your house, why not add a body cleansing to your list – specifically a liver detox! Just like a good house cleaning, a liver detox is your body’s way of clearing out the junk that’s been accumulating over time. Best of all, it’s easy and safe for the whole family to do, even your pets!

What is a Liver Detox?

Most people are in desperate need of a liver detox. Things like environmental toxins, additives and chemicals from processed foods, clothing and bathroom products, build up in our livers and stay there unless they are cleaned out. The same goes for our pets. Toxins they pick up from being outside in the dirt, eating processed pet foods, and drinking impure water stay with them in their livers. That’s why a liver detox is great for all of us.

Milk Thistle for Liver Detox

One of the easiest and most natural ways to detox your liver is with an herb called milk thistle. Milk thistle has been used medicinally for thousands of years to support optimal health. Research suggests that using milk thistle for liver detox can help promote new cell growth and repair damage from toxic substances and even alcohol abuse. Milk thistle comes in a variety of different forms, including capsules, herbal teas, tonics and chewables. So, finding a way to incorporate it into your lifestyle should be easy.

Liver Damage in Pets

Just like humans, our pets are exposed to toxins from the outside world and the food and water they ingest. Their livers work overtime to filter all those toxins out of their blood streams, but overtime the leftovers weigh them down, and could lead to liver damage. If you suspect this is happening to your pet, here are some signs to look for.

  • Loss of Appetite
  • Unexplained Weight Loss
  • Dark/Discolored Urine
  • Fatigue
  • Changes in Mood or Behavior
  • Changes in Skin Color (Jaundice)

Milk Thistle for Pets

Like we mentioned earlier, pets may also benefit from a liver detox using milk thistle products. You will want to look for herbs specially formulated for pets in supplements by brands like Pet Wellbeing, and make sure you follow the directions. Here are a couple of our favorites that are great for liver health in cats and dogs.

Whether it’s you, your family, or your pets who need a liver pick-me-up, a quick liver detox using milk thistle can be a huge relief. Have you tried it yet? Tell us your experience in the comments below!