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Medicinal Mushrooms That Aid Immune System Function


The immune system is a complex thing that we’re just beginning to understand in detail.

From the body’s library of antibodies to the activity of killer T cells, the interplay of the various components of the human immune system is why we are alive. We won’t be getting into too much detail about the immune system for this article, but we’ll let the science speak for itself when it comes to the effect of certain natural substances on immunity.

Specifically, we’ll be talking about the potential medicinal benefits of shiitake mushrooms. What do they do? How much do we need to consume to get the right effect? And where can we source high quality ingredients to maximize our results?

How Shiitake Mushrooms Aid Immunity

One study found that giving patients medicinal doses of dried shiitake mushrooms, every day for four weeks resulted in a noticeable change in immune system function. In fact, two kinds of immune cells were seen to grow in number up to 200%. In evaluating patients, these immune system improvements were thought to directly benefit gut health and healthy inflammation response.

Shiitake mushrooms are relatively inexpensive and can be found in the produce section of some grocers. You can use them in a number of dishes, or consume them raw when found in quality dietary supplements.

In the above-mentioned study, patients were given either 5 or 10 grams of shiitake mushrooms daily. Supplements, however, are often found in the form of powders, capsules, and concentrates. They may also include other ingredients, such as other medicinal mushrooms or herbs. So before taking any supplements, always read the manufacturer’s recommended dosage and warning, and mention to your doctor when adding this daily supplement to your regimen.

Where to Find Shiitake Mushrooms

So, where can we source high quality shiitake mushrooms? You can get culinary shiitakes almost anywhere, especially in the international sections of some grocery stores.

If you want medical-grade shiitake mushrooms, you’ll need to order from a company that specializes in this sort of sourcing, storage, and preparation. We can recommend three products that may check every box for people wishing to add mushrooms to their daily diet.

Shiitake Mushroom Supplements

Health Development BRM 4 500 Mg by Daiwa

Health Development BRM 4 500 Mg from Daiwa uses hyphomycetes mycelia extract (taken from shiitake mushrooms), along with rice bran and rice bran arabinoxylan compound, to support the normal production of killer cell activity and helper T cells for essential immune support against microbial challenges and healthy internal response.

AHCC 1000 Mg Maximum Strength by Iagen Professional

AHCC 1000 Mg Maximum Strength from Iagen Professional uses a blend of medicinal mushrooms, with shiitakes prominently featured. Iagen Professional states that this formula will aid immune function thanks to a variety of mushrooms with distinctive quality and carefully selected mushrooms.

AHCC 500 Mg Veg Caps by Source Naturals

AHCC 500 Mg Veg Caps from Source Naturals is a blend of mushroom extracts, including shiitake, to make a formula that’s stimulating for the immune system.

Why You Should Consider Medicinal Mushrooms

Because the immune system has so many important roles in the body, it’s smart to take whatever steps necessary to promote immune system health. Investigate the potential of shiitake and other medicinal mushrooms, and consider adding them to your diet in food, or to your health regimen through supplementation.

We hope that you’ll enjoy improved immune function for life, and that this will result in greater health and longevity moving forward.

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