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Vega Maca Chocolate Bar – A Delicious Nutrient Powerhouse


If you love chocolate, you’ll also probably love knowing the health benefits – of healthy chocolate that is.  There are quite a few chocolate lovers at Natural Healthy Concepts, so we’re quite thrilled to be offering the delicious and super nutritious Vega Maca Chocolate Bars at our store and online.

Benefits of Dark chocolate

Did you know chocolate is good for your teeth? When I learned that, I loved it even more. Seriously, chocolate doesn’t cause cavities like other sugar-laden candies do.

The cocoa butter in chocolate actually protects your teeth from decay, so if you’re looking to save money at the dentist, eat healthy chocolate and avoid the other processed foods that spike your insulin and rot your teeth!

Real chocolate has a plethora of antioxidant compounds and flavonoids that are surprisingly heart healthy. This article, Contemporary Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine: Cocoa and cardiovascular Health proves my point.

“Epidemiological data demonstrate that regular dietary intake of plant-derived food and beverages reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke. Among many ingredients, cocoa might be an important mediator. Indeed, recent research demonstrates a beneficial effect of cocoa on blood pressure, insulin resistance and vascular and platelet function.”

You don’t need to worry about the cocoa butter fats in chocolate either. According to this Cleveland Clinic article, the fats in cocoa butter are made of equal amounts of  heart healthy oleic acid (think olive oil) and stearic and palmitic acids. Stearic acids have no effect on your cholesterol levels.

If you read our post about how Eating Healthy Fat Can Keep You Thin, you’ll understand that fat isn’t the cardiovascular enemy it’s been made out to be. Eating healthy chocolate provides many health benefits and the cocoa butter may actually help suppress your appetite!

Healthy Versus Unhealthy Chocolate

How chocolate is processed is also important – if the chocolate you eat says it’s Dutch processed or alkalized it means it has most of the cocoa butter removed.  You want the cocoa butter in your chocolate.

The excessive processing  in alkalized chocolate also removes most of the antioxidants, too. Remember, flavonoids in dark chocolate are potent antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties.  Make sure the cocoa level of the chocolate you’re eating is at least 70%. What a coincidence – Maca Chocolate Bars are 70% cocoa!

Chocolate & Maca – A Nutrient Powerhouse

Maca Chocolate Bars, 24 Bars, VegaAs if chocolate alone wasn’t good enough for you, Vega has taken rich dark chocolate and paired it with the superfood maca. In fact, each bar has 4,000 MG of maca root powder. If you aren’t familiar with maca, you should be.

Maca is a powerhouse of nutrients and has been used for everything from impotence, to depression, stress, memory loss and more! So, what do you get when you combine 70% organic cocoa with 4,000 MG of organic maca? A very sexy chocolate bar! Just kidding, but you get my point.

Just in case you think I’m giving you license to go out and eat a whole bunch of chocolate – I’m not. Chocolate  should be eaten in small portions. Fortunately, when you’re eating a quality chocolate bar, it’s much easier to do this.

I keep a Vega Maca Chocolate bar at my desk and eat just a piece or two at a time. It satisfies my chocolate cravings, curbs my hunger, and gives me more energy – especially during that afternoon slump.

The Benefits of Maca

Maca is rich in B vitamins, vitamins C and E, and it’s high in minerals, too. Its health benefits include:

  • Increases stamina and supports athletic performance
  • Demonstrates improvement in libido and sexual function
  • Supports the adrenal system and helps the body respond to stress

Now, who doesn’t want that? This is a marriage made in chocolate heaven!

Vega products are gluten free, Non-GMO, and certified organic. Not only can you enjoy the taste,  you can enjoy the fact that you’re eating something really healthy too. Next time chocolate cravings strike, grab a Maca Chocolate Bar from Vega!

P.S. – The other bars Vega makes are really good too!

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