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Win Our Love is in the Air Giveaway When You Complete the Prize Package

Love-in-the-air giveaway

It’s the time of year when we all stop and make an extra effort to be romantic.

Whether you enjoy Valentine’s Day or you think it’s just a conspiracy among florists, chocolatiers, jewelers and greeting card companies…the truth is…we should be celebrating love all year long.

At Natural Healthy Concepts, we decided to give some lucky person out there a little help keeping those passion fires burning – whether it’s February 14th or not! So we put together this Love is in the Air Giveaway full of romantic aromatherapy products and more.

And the best part is…you get to complete the prize package by picking a product you really want!

*******This Contest is Now Over*******

Thanks to everyone who commented and gave great romance advice!

Our Grand Prize winner (chosen randomly) is Ashley Watson. She’s been married 10 years, has three kids and says date nights help her keep romance alive in her marriage. She says you should “always date your spouse.” Ashley chose some Erth Minerals Lip Gloss for her additional prize.

Our first runner-up is Vicki who leaves encouraging love notes around the house for her family. She chose the Andalou Age-Defying Skin Care Kit.

And our second runner-up is Sarah – who reminds us all to stay positive, smile and tell your special someone what you like about them. Sarah chose some Aubrey Organics Aftershave for her man.

We will be contacting all three winners by email soon.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Keep watching for our next giveaway – coming soon!

Call it A-ROMANCE-therapy if You Will…

Sometimes we forget how much our sense of smell impacts they way we feel.

When it comes to feeling love and attraction, we usually think about how we look to our lover. Or perhaps we think of foods that are considered aphrodisiacs. But according to an article in Psychology Today, “human emotions are strongly moved by smells.”

Think about the sense of nostalgia you get when you smell certain things. Maybe it’s the smell of apples and cinnamon that remind your of your grandma. The scent of fresh pine could bring back holiday memories. Fresh cut grass might make you think of summer vacation as a kid, and even the smell of coffee brewing can perk you up in the morning before your first sip.

It can work that way when you want to stir up some romance too! While aromatherapy may not necessarily boost your sex drive, it certainly could set the right mood.

That’s why the prizes in our Love is in the Air Giveaway can help you literally put love in the air. Let’s take a look!

What You Can Win

1. Ultrasonic Wooden Oil Diffuser

NOW-DiffuserThis is the big prize in this giveaway – the NOW Foods Ultrasonic Wooden Oil Diffuser has been extremely popular in our store and online. We had trouble keeping them on the shelves over the holidays!

It’s easy to see why people love it. Most essential oil diffusers like this don’t have much aesthetic appeal. They basically look like little, plastic humidifiers.

But NOW’s diffuser is sleek and attractive. It’s shape is reminiscent of a flower petal starting to bloom and the faux wood finish makes it nice enough to set out on the kitchen counter or even in your living room. It’s quiet, easy to use, easy to clean and can produce cool steam for up to 8 hours. You just add tap water and essential oils.

Plus, this diffuser can make your home smell amazing! Take it from me…we have one in our house too.

2. Essential Oil Blends from NOW Foods

Now-Essential-Oil-BlendsIf you’re new to aromatherapy, here are two products that can help you get started.  The prize package includes a pair of special essential oil blend from NOW Foods.

You’ll find the Cheer Up Buttercup blend, which contains essential oils of bergamot, orange, lime, grapefruit and lemon.

This combination could help lift your spirits and promote a positive mood.

Plus, you could also win the Naturally Loveable Romance blend, which is made with essential oils of lemon, orange, sandalwood blend, jasmine absolute blend and ylang ylang oil.

It’s a mix that could create romantic feelings while also promoting a sense of comfort and calmness.

3. Almond Oil and a Dropper Bottle

almond-oil-dropperOnce you get into aromatherapy, you’re going to want to experiment with creating your own unique essential oil blends. These two products are perfect for that.

The Sweet Almond Oil from NOW in this giveaway is often used for skin care.

However, it’s also the perfect carrier oil for DIY essential oil blends. The almond oil acts as a base and then you can add other scents that you’d like.

We’re also throwing in a glass dropper bottle from Wyndemere Oils. It’s a 4 oz bottle that lets you be precise about how much oil you add to your diffuser or for when you apply it to your skin.

4. Chocolate Maca Bar and a Lavender Candle

maca-and-candleTo top things off we’ve added a couple of extra goodies.

Diffusers are great for aromatherapy, but there’s something missing without the glowing flicker of a scented candle. The lavender candle in this prize package comes in an eye-catching Mason jar and is made from environmentally-friendly soy, which means it burns clean with no soot.

The Chocolate Maca bar from Vega might be the most fun item in this package. We’ve all heard that chocolate can be an aphrodisiac, but have you heard about the potential benefits of Maca?

Maca root may support enhanced libido, increased vitality and improved energy. Plus – it could also provide antioxidant support, help balance hormone levels and even relieve stress.  Oh – and it’s chocolate!

When you add it all up – the Love is in the Air Giveaway amounts to a suggested retail value of more than $98. But you can put it over $100 when you complete the prize package by picking any Natural Skin Care Product you want to add.

While only one person will win the full prize package, two other people will win runner-up prizes and get the product they pick!

How to Enter

Entering this giveaway is easy! There are just two simple steps, picking a product and leaving a comment on this blog post.

1. Pick Your Natural Skin Care Product

There are all sorts of ways you can use skin care products to be romantic. Lots of lotions have pleasing scents. A little all-natural bubble bath with essential oils could create a special moment. And of course who can deny the power of soothing massage oils when it comes to an evening of physical affection.

CLICK HERE to visit our Natural Skin Care category and view all the different items you can choose from. Then – when you find what you want – you’ll need to copy and paste the URL at the top of your web browser for the next step.

2. Leave a Comment with Your Pick

To complete your entry, you’ll need to leave a comment below – under Leave a Reply.

Make sure you provide us with a valid email address as this is how we will contact the winners.

Enter the name of the product you want and paste the URL of that product in the Comment Section. (NOTE: Do not place the URL in the website field. It should go in the main comment section.)

Finally – we’d love to hear about how you keep romance alive in your relationship. So if you have one – please include a little PG-rated love tip for all of the readers to enjoy!

Winners will be randomly selected and names will be announced here on this article on Valentine’s Day, February 14th by Noon Central Time. We will also contact individual winners by email.

Please view our complete Contest Rules & Guidelines for additional details.

Good Luck and Happy Valentine’s Day! We leave you with a song…

Ladies & Gentlemen…Mr. Tom Jones!