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Natural Approaches to Liver Health


The human liver is among the most essential organs there is. While you can live without your spleen, and a few other organs in a pinch, humans just can’t make it without a functioning liver.

This being the case, you’d think that people would take care of their livers, but this way of living seems to be an exception to the rule. Almost 10% of American males chronically abuse alcohol, and this behavior’s effect upon the liver is well known. Binge drinking is far from the only liver-damaging behavior commonly practice. Fortunately, there are simple ways we can contribute to our liver health.

Natural Liver Health Habits Anyone Can Learn

Your liver filters blood, but it’s also easily damaged. Common diseases like cirrhosis of the liver and the various forms of hepatitis are illnesses of the liver. Fortunately, the liver responds well to caring treatment. Here are some of the best natural substances which offer potential benefit to liver health.

  • Selenomethionine – Selenium (and its more easily digested analog, Selenomethionine) offer potential benefit to liver health. Selenium is an element, and it appears to have an important role in the human body. It is found in many plants and in the body it is stored in various places such as plasma. Researchers are optimistic that healthy levels of selenium in plasma may have positive implications for long term liver health. Selenomethionine is therefore included in liver supplements.
  • L-methionine & N-Acetyl-cysteine – These are other natural substances that can be derived from plants or synthesized. Both are used in some forms of standard treatment for certain chronic liver dysfunctions, and may be taken as supplements for the potential prevention of common related problems.
  • Milk Thistle Extract – Milk thistle is one of the most recognizable species of plant life in the United States and abroad. Often regarded as a weed, this large free-ranging herb has been used in medicines by various traditions throughout history. It’s so common, in fact, that many home herbalists use it to make teas, tinctures, and extracts, with intended effects for the liver and other body organs and systems. In general, milk thistle as a medicinal aid seems to help maintain liver health during internal challenges. So it may be an ideal choice for people who are already healthy. Milk thistle may not be a replacement for emergency medications, but as an herbal supplement with no known side effects, it may provide support for your liver in one of several ways.

The human liver may be susceptible to damage from lifestyle factors and other causes, but it’s also a powerful organ which can regenerate itself. The liver appreciates care through a healthy diet, sleep, exercise, and plenty of fresh water. It also appears to respond well to a variety of natural supplements, which have traditionally been used for liver health.

Whether or not you’ve ever given liver health a thought, you may now be interested in adding some liver health supplements to your regular diet.