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Potential Benefits and Uses for Lemon Balm Oil

lemon-balm-oil-uses-benefitsBeing happy and healthy are two of life’s biggest goals. Life is too short to be otherwise, right? Unfortunately, that’s not how some days pan out. Sometimes stressful, sad or frustrating events will happen and our happiness and health will suffer for it. Fortunately, there is a great alternative to implement in our diet or daily regimen. Lemon balm is a calming and supportive plant that can help combat those yucky days. Whether you’re taking it orally or adding lemon balm oil to your essential oil library, this supplement is a great option for those who need a little TLC.

What is Lemon Balm?

Lemon balm is a perennial shrub from the mint family and is originally from south-central Europe. Today, it can be found and grown all over the world for both its medicinal and culinary benefits. Because the plant itself comes from the mint family, its leaves look similar to mint leaves, but smells like lemon. Often planted in herb gardens to attract bees, it aides with pollination. In addition, lemon balm is a natural source of rosmarinic acid, which is a chemical compound that promotes good health and helps prevent diseases.  

What are the benefits of lemon balm?

The potential benefits of lemon balm are plentiful, but the most appealing are its potential impact on behavior and mood. Lemon balm is used to help increase mood and promote positivity. For this reason alone, many people utilize lemon balm, especially those who need a bit of rest and relaxation after a rough day. In addition, lemon balm can help promote healthy sleeping patterns and decrease nervousness. What better way to feel happy and rejuvenated than after a good night’s sleep? Other potential benefits of lemon balm include a healthy digestive system and immune system  

Why Lemon Balm Oil?

Lemon balm can be used in a variety of ways. You can add it to your tea or take it in capsule form, but as an essential oil is one of the most popular uses. Lemon balm oil is made from the leaves of the lemon balm plant and contains terpenes, which is a chemical thought to help with mood and nervousness. Since its most popular potential benefit is to help increase happiness and mood, and help decrease nervousness, using it as an essential oil makes a lot of sense. Give your space and the people around you the benefits of this calming herb by adding a few drops of lemon balm oil to your favorite diffuser.  

Where can I find Lemon Balm Oil?

If you’re looking to purchase this enjoyable essential oil, we suggest this lemon balm oil blended with jojoba oil. You can use the essential oil by itself or combine it with other notable oils to create the perfect aroma for your home. If you’re not looking for essential oils, but do prefer a liquid form of lemon balm over capsules, you can purchase this bottle to add to your beverages throughout the day. Also available, is a liquid form for children with trouble sleeping.

And don’t forget the lip balm options available through our store. We have both a “focus” and “cheerful mind” lip balm that contains this popular ingredient. With these lip balm, no matter where you might be or what you might be doing, the lemon balm’s potential benefits are right in your pocket.

Turn a bad day into a good day with lemon balm oil. Whether you using it as an essential oil or adding it to your favorite tea, implementing lemon balm is a great way to promote a healthy mind and spirit.

Do you already use lemon balm oil and love it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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