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Kathryn Higgins of Motherlove – Helping New & Expectant Moms with Organic, Herbal Products

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Nobody cares about you in quite the same way as your mom.

Whether she was encouraging you to eat your veggies, telling you to put on a sweater, or helping nurse you through a bout with the flu – your mom was always concerned about your health. And if you’ve become a mother, then you understand why.

You’ll do anything to help keep your kids stay healthy and strong. I’m 33 years old and the other day my mom reminded me to wash my hands after using the bathroom – which I did!

But mothers have their own special health needs too – especially new moms and mothers-to-be.

That’s why we call Kathryn Higgins of Motherlove Organic Products a Natural Health Hero. She’s dedicated much of her life to making organic, herbal products for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Herbal Support for Mothers from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado

Kathryn Higgins grew up in Minnesota with a family that loved to garden. When Kathryn moved to Colorado as a young woman in the early 1980s, she began learning everything she could about the plants surrounding her new home.

The meadows and forests at the foot of the Rockies were a treasure trove of plants and wildflowers that could be used in daily life – both as food and in support of natural health.

Kathryn & daughter Selencia
Kathryn & daughter Silencia

When Kathryn became pregnant with her first child, she ran into a problem.

She wanted to use herbal medicines during the pregnancy, but finding appropriate products was difficult. There just wasn’t anyone making organic herbal tinctures and supplements for expectant moms.

That’s why Kathryn Higgins started making her own herbal creations and shared them with other women in her life.

Before long, local stores started asking for her products and Motherlove was born in 1987. It was the very first herbal personal care and supplement line intended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Kathryn operated out of her kitchen for years, handwriting “Made with Love” on every blue bottle her company sent out. Demand from retailers and the healthcare industry kept growing. In 1995, Motherlove moved out of Higgins’ kitchen, and today the company operates a 120-acre organic farm on Colorado’s front range.

Now you’ll find Motherlove products in more than 40 countries. But it still has the heart of a small, family-run company that believes in the power of natural health.

Two of Kathryn’s daughters have joined her in operating the business, ensuring that this family’s herbal traditions will be passed on to new generations of mothers.

How Herbs Helped Kathryn Higgins in Motherhood

Kathryn Higgins and daughters

Any parent (mom or dad) will tell you that the birthing experience can be worrisome.

No matter how much you prepare, complications can always arise. The labor and birthing process can often be long and strenuous. Plus, you are constantly concerned with the health, well-being, and safety of the baby.

Kathryn Higgins’ first birthing experience was no exception. She shared the birth stories of all three daughters on Motherlove’s blog.

The plan for her first child was to have a home birth with the help of a midwife. Kathryn was in labor for 30 hours, but had only dilated to 3 cm.

During that time, she used many of her homemade herbal tinctures to help her deal with the pain. But after spending that much time in labor, she and her husband made the decision to go to the hospital. As it turns out, that was likely a very good decision…

“Our first daughter (Silencia Deva) was born by cesarean with her head tilted back, and the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck three times.  I was told she would have suffocated had she ever entered the birth canal.  I was grateful for the herbs which helped me through a long labor, as well as for the medical expertise that saved our lives.”

After she went home, Kathryn says she used comfrey leaves on the c-section cut and today she has no visible scar.

Baby number two brought new challenges. Kathryn’s husband was understandably concerned about home birth after the complications with Silencia, But Kathryn was still able to use her herbal tinctures in the hospital.

This time, her second-born daughter, Zenna Serene, was diagnosed with a heart defect shortly after birth. There were lots of extra appointments and tests, which meant Kathryn needed to be moving around frequently. And as any new mom will tell you – that’s not easy after giving birth.

Kathryn says the sitz bath and homeopathic arnica were “invaluable” to her during that time.

Jasmine, the third daughter in the family was two weeks overdue. Kathryn says she took a dose of  blue cohosh tincture and went into labor 6 hours later.

The complication with this birth came after the delivery. Kathryn’s placenta was attached to the uterine wall and she was hemorrhaging. Blood was gushing out and the doctor wanted to perform an emergency hysterectomy. However, an herbal tincture quickly made the doctor change his mind…

“My husband squeezed a dropperful of fresh shepherds purse tincture into my mouth.  Almost instantly the bleeding ‘miraculously’ stopped, and an incredulous doctor removed the placenta with a D&C, instead of the planned hysterectomy.”

Beyond Birth & Beyond Herbal Products

There’s much more to Motherlove’s offerings than items to help women during the birthing process.

Many of them help new mothers deal with some of the discomfort that comes with raising a newborn baby. That’s why you’ll find things to help nursing mothers, such as natural nipple cream to ease irritation, and Goat’s Rue to potentially support breast-milk production.

You’ll find an herbal diaper rash cream for babies and even a natural product to help with tattoo care during pregnancy.

It’s easy to see that Kathryn, her daughters and everyone at Motherlove are people who care. And not only do they care about mothers and children, they also work hard to protect Mother Nature.

“All our office supplies and packaging is made from recycled materials, we print on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, we manufacture using wind credits, we use low energy and motion sensor lighting in our facility, and of course, none of our products are ever tested on animals and are completely cruelty free.”

Kathryn also dedicates time to educating people about natural prenatal health, breastfeeding, and the possibilities of medicinal plants.

Kathryn Higgins of Motherlove deserves the title of Natural Health Hero because she believes in nurturing. Her products help nurture mothers, and help mothers nurture their young.

Find out more of her story in the video below, on the Motherlove Facebook page and when you visit Motherlove.com.


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*While these products are specifically formulated for pregnant and breastfeeding women, you should still discuss any supplements you plan to take with a healthcare professional before beginning use.