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Fun Indoor Learning Activities for Kids and Teens

indoor learning activities
Enjoy this list of fun indoor learning activities for kids and teens.

Gandhi once described an individual’s education as an “all-round drawing out of the best in the child and man; body, mind and spirit.” Gandhi, as well as countless other researchers in child and adolescent psychology, agree that growth and development happen at home just as much as in the classroom.

Once we decide to accept this approach, it’s easy to feel burdened by the belief that we must be constantly providing quality indoor learning activities for our kids. Thankfully, a child at play is a child who is furthering their own education in a unique and natural way. And if you want to add to it, you only need to click over to Pinterest to feel overwhelmed with ideas.

To save you from being overwhelmed by the depths of Pinterest, we have put together a list of fun indoor learning activities for kids and teens.

Indoor Learning Activities for Preschoolers

Learning toys and games for preschoolers are very easy to come by; however, studies show that active and pretend play is where preschoolers learn best! Research suggests learning through play helps develop language, critical thinking, and math skills.

If you want to set up controlled learning activities for your kids, try having them arrange objects by color or size. You can also simply let them stack up blocks and knock them over, helping develop their understanding of cause and effect. Need more ideas? Try filling up 3-5 glasses of water at different levels and let them tap them with a spoon to understand how music is made.

Indoor Learning Activities for Kids

Learning through play is a big part of development as your child moves through elementary school as well. Let them practice creative and social skills by making an obstacle course with their siblings and seeing who can get through it the fastest. Or, try an indoor science experiment like making slime or let them grow their engineering skills by building a fort.

Indoor Learning Activities for Teens 

True, it does get harder to engage tweens and teens with indoor learning activities, but it’s not impossible. Try helping them develop their coding skills by investing in a smart robot that pairs with their phone. Or, keep it simple and let them hone their problem solving skills with a challenging 1,000-piece puzzle. Family time and connection is key at this stage, so it’s okay if bonding becomes more important than at-home learning.

Supplements to Support Your Child’s Brain Development

In addition to the indoor learning activities listed above, there are supplements that can support pediatric brain health. Here are a few of our top picks.

KidsActive Powder by Zahler

Zahler’s KidsActive Powder is formulated with a targeted blend of nutrients to promote mental focus and concentration in healthy, active kids. It contains B vitamins, dimethylglycine, magnesium, inositol, and more in a great-tasting, fruit punch flavor.

Zahler Teen Focus

Zahler’s Teen Focus provides nutritional support that goes to the heart of the leading causes of ADD/ADHD and distractibility. It supports focus in teens and aids with concentration, and overall attention span through a blend of Citicoline, L-Theanine, green tea extract, and more.

Nordic Naturals DHA Jr. Xtra

DHA Jr. Xtra by Nordic Naturals is a pharmaceutical grade omega-3 DHA fish oil supplement to support brain development, nervous system, eyes, and immune system in growing kids.

What are your family’s favorite indoor learning activities? We would love to check out your favorites in the comments section below.