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Immune Support Without Vitamin C

Are you looking for immune support without vitamin C, or in addition to vitamin C? Start with these seven nutritional supplements from Garden of Life, Pure Encapsulations, Vital Nutrients, Enviromedica, Integrative Therapeutics, Nutri-Dyn, and Thorne Research.

Elderberry Immune Gummy – Garden of Life

Garden of Life, a recognized leader and innovator of whole food nutritional supplements, believes that good health should be a given. So when you’re looking for ways to provide yourself and your family with immune support without vitamin C, consider Garden of Life’s Elderberry Immune Gummy. Elderberry Immune Gummy from Garden of Life Mykind Organics supports your immune system using ingredients including:

  • Organic black elderberry fruit.
  • Organic echinacea.
  • Zinc.
  • Vitamin C.
  • Organic rosemary leaf extract.
  • Organic guava fruit and leaf.

Zinc Liquid 15 Mg – Pure Encapsulations

Pure Encapsulations is a supplement brand dedicated to designing high-quality, hypo-allergenic supplements that take the worry out of the formula for people who experience negative reactions to some supplement products. All Pure Encapsulations products are vegetarian friendly and completely free of wheat, gluten, nuts and hydrogenated oils (with standard operating procedures in place to prevent any possibility of cross-contamination).


So for allergy-friendly immune support without vitamin C, you can trust Zinc Liquid 15 Mg, which is a a convenient zinc liquid supplement to support healthy immune function. Zinc plays an important role in supporting the body’s defense system, it may be ideal during cold and flu season, for men’s general health, skin health, and more.

Selenium 200 Mcg – Vital Nutrients

Vital Nutrients develops quality-focused health supplements that are formulated based on scientific evidence and clinical research. One of those research-backed formulations is Selenium 200 Mcg. supplement. Selenium, a natural mineral, is an antioxidant that supports normal cell function and a healthy immune system. It is also simple to add to your diet by following the manufacturer’s recommended daily dosage.

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes – Enviromedica 

If you want to find immune support without vitamin C, and you also want to find ways to incorporate more relaxation and self-care into your routine, then Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes from Enviromedica may be the answer you’re looking for. Just add these dry flakes of magnesium chloride (and other trace minerals) to warm water for a relaxing body or foot soak. Potential benefits of these ancient mineral magnesium flakes include supporting cellular protection, detoxification, and more.

Iron Complex – Integrative Therapeutics

If you’re looking for immune support and supplements to help support your overall health, then you’ve found a good starting place with Iron Complex from Integrative Therapeutics. Not only does each serving of Integrative Therapeutics’ Iron Complex contain 50 milligrams of natural iron, but it also contains 500 milligrams of liquid liver fractions, vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin B12, and more to support overall optimal health.

L-Glutamine Powder – Nutri-Dyn

Whether you’re someone who prefers nutritional supplements in convenient drink mixes, are looking to add amino acids to their diet, or you just want another way to find immune support without vitamin C, you should consider L-Glutamine Powder from Nutri-Dyn. L-Glutamine is an amino acid that your body produces. Its roles in the body include support for the growth of healthy muscles, promoting optimal digestive health and function, maintaining hydration levels in cells, and more. Each scoop of this convenient drink mix powder also contains about 5,000 micrograms of L-Glutamine, and with absolutely no filler ingredients. 

Vitamin D/K2 Liquid – Thorne Research

Don’t skip this one just because you’re already taking a vitamin D supplement. You can get so much more out of your vitamin D supplement than you currently are. That’s where Vitamin D/K2 Liquid from Thorne Research comes in. It contains a balanced blend of vitamins D3 and K2 in an easy-to-take liquid formula.


Many people do not get enough vitamin D from the sun alone, especially with the increasing amount of time spent indoors. But vitamin D3 is even more powerful in combination with vitamin K2. Together, these vitamins support healthy bones, a healthy cardiovascular system, and may also provide important nutrition for normal cell formation.


How do you get immune support without vitamin C?