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5 Hyssop Plant Uses for Your Health

hyssop plant

Learn 5 potential health uses and benefits of hyssop plant products.

The hyssop plant, or Hyssopus officinalis is a hearty semi-evergreen perennial used for both medicinal and decorative landscaping purposes. The hyssop plant has been harvested and used for natural health since biblical times. This herb can be steeped and extracted to support natural health and wellness, particularly in times of respiratory or gastrointestinal discomfort. Keep reading to learn more about the uses and potential benefits of the hyssop plant and consider how you can utilize this herb in your daily life.

Potential Benefits Of The Hyssop Plant

The leaves and fragrant flowers at the top of the hyssop plant are the portion generally harvested for medicinal use. Hyssop has been used for centuries in folk medicine around the world, but it is believed to have its origins is the Mediterranean and Asia. One of the reasons scientists believe this plant may be helpful in supporting a healthy internal response are the flavonoids contained in the flower. The flavonoids in hyssop have been studied for their ability to support wellness throughout the body, including respiratory health, digestion, wound care, and carbohydrate absorption.

5 Helpful Hyssop Plant Uses

Hyssop Lozenges
For portable sore throat relief or to tame indigestion, hyssop lozenges are a great way to experience the potential benefits of hyssop on the go. These products often contain a combination of herbs to keep your throat moist and support your journey back to health and wellness.

Hyssop Tea
One of the oldest and most tested hyssop uses comes through steeping the herb in a warm and soothing tea. This not only helps you experience the potential health benefits of hyssop, but helps you stay hydrated as well. A warm hyssop tea may help thin excess mucus and phlegm naturally and bring back balance to an upset digestive system.

Hyssop Supplements
Hyssop supplements, available in capsules and other delivery methods, are a great way to infuse a steady stream of hyssop into your daily diet. When the weather turns cool, seasonal health challenges are in full swing. However, a daily dose of hyssop may promote a healthy internal response, allowing you to maintain health and wellness throughout the winter months.

Hyssop Extract
Hyssop extract is a liquid form of the herb which can be stirred into a warm beverage to create a soothing hyssop tonic. It can also be stirred into juices and smoothies to give your immune system extra support when you need it most.

Hyssop Oil
Hyssop oil is often used in lotions, skin balms, cosmetics, and soaps, adding a natural and beneficial fragrance to skin and wound care products. It is not recommended for oral consumption.

Check Out These Hyssop Plant Products

If you’re ready to try hyssop for yourself, Natural Healthy Concepts has a wide variety of hyssop products to get you started. Grow your arsenal against seasonal discomfort with Hyssop Extract from Herb Pharm. Each drop contains organic hyssop which may help you get rid of excess phlegm in your lungs and support your digestive and immune systems when stirred into a mug of warm water.

To experience hyssop in an easy-to-use lozenge form, try Green Tea Herbalozenge in sweet mint from Zand. Each lozenge is packed with echinacea extract, eucalyptus, hyssop, and other herbs to bring naturally sweet relief to an irritated throat.

Hyssop capsules from Solaray are an easy way to integrate hyssop into your daily supplement routine. Each capsule contains 450 mg of hyssop, which may promote optimal immune system health and function as well as healthy mucus membranes in both the lungs and throat.

How have you used the hyssop plant in your journey to natural health? Do you have any questions for our team about integrating the hyssop plant into your health regime? Share your experiences and questions in the comments section below.

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