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Hypoallergenic Supplement Brands

hypoallergenic supplement brands
Learn about what defines hypoallergenic supplement brands.

We take supplements to help us feel our best and live with vitality. As such, we don’t want allergens or concerning ingredients in our supplements that may have a negative impact on our health. To ensure you’re getting the best quality, you may be on the lookout for a hypoallergenic supplement, but will that label tell you everything you need to know?

Many supplement brands promote themselves as hypoallergenic, but what does that mean? Can anything truly be free from allergens? What standards are used to measure allergens?

If this labeling has you questioning, read on for the answers you’ll need to shop smart.

Hypoallergenic Standards

There is no federal standard or guideline that governs whether or not a product can be labeled as hypoallergenic. If you’re concerned about a particular allergen, be sure you read the supplement labels fully to ensure that item is safe for you. Even among supplement companies, hypoallergenic labels may reference different interpretations and standards, so if you have ingredient concerns, diligence is key.

What Makes a Hypoallergenic Supplement?

When a product or brand is labeled hypoallergenic, it’s because it contains none of the ingredients that most commonly cause an allergic reaction such as gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, or soy.

This list is not exhaustive, as allergies can vary greatly from person to person, the FDA is a good resource for a more complete reference.

Hypoallergenic Supplement Brands

Natural Healthy Concepts carries many brands that have a wide variety of hypoallergenic supplement options, here are a few options.

Pure Encapsulations

Pure Encapsulations has been dedicated to the research, development, and production of quality supplements for more than 30 years. Each product they create is formulated with a rigorous quality and attention to detail and purity. They take pride in backing their products with the leading science and nutritional research.

Magnesium by Pure Encapsulations is a highly bioavailable magnesium glycinate complex that promotes natural energy and activation enzymes for physiological functions, including heart health.

Allergy Research Group

For more than 3 decades, Allergy Research Group has simplified shopping for supplements with their clear labels and pure ingredients. They are passionate about creating products that are clean and safe for those with allergy issues.

Vitamin D3 Complete from Allergy Research Group is formulated with a balance of vitamin D and vitamin A for optimal benefit. Each capsule uses a natural base of sustainably sourced palm oil and is encapsulated in an innovative fish gelatin.


Since 1979, Nutricology has been providing cutting-edge nutritional supplements that are hypoallergenic and formulated with the purest raw natural plant-based ingredients. As a company, Nutricology takes pride in developing technologies that optimize delivery, absorbency, and efficacy of the natural ingredients.

ProGreens With Advanced Probiotic Formula is a power-packed whole-food concentrate made with organic grasses and natural food factors as well as sea vegetables and algae.

Are you a cautious label reader? What do you look for in a hypoallergenic supplement? Use the box below to share your experiences with the Natural Healthy Concepts team.