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How to Prepare Detox Tea at Home

Our bodies are remarkably skilled at detoxification. Whether we’re talking about impurities in the food we eat, toxins found in from the environment, or cellular waste products, nearly all of our bodily organs have some role in removing unwanted substances from the body. 

While capable of detoxification, some impurities may be more challenging to remove.

To aid in this process, some people use supplements containing herbs that are thought to support the detoxification channels. Teas are one such potential medicinal remedy. You can make these teas at home, or buy them from brands such as Pukka Herbs, Yogi Tea, and Rooney CV. Before we get to the types of teas you can buy, let’s talk about homemade teas.

All you will need is a kettle, a cup, and your herb of choice. Here are a few teas that we like!

Green Tea Preparations

There is a reason that green tea is one of the most popular beverages worldwide. Part of this is the evidence that supports the idea that green tea may help to detoxify the liver. This is important because one of the liver’s most important jobs is to filter your blood, eliminating impurities, and passing waste from the body through the kidneys and bowels.

Drinking green tea may be a good idea if your liver needs additional support. People who consume alcohol, smoke, or eat too many processed foods may choose to consider drinking green tea each day.

Mix your tea with ginger, pomegranate, lemon juice, salt, stevia, orange peels, or any other nutritional or aromatic combination that appeals to you. Plenty of these additives may provide detoxifying support, too. Not only is a cup of green tea healthy, but it may also help you to fend off cravings that can result from consuming too many sugary beverages and snack foods.

Senna Tea

Senna is an herb with a laxative effect. You can make senna tea from the leaves or pods of the plant – both will provide a similar effect. But be mindful of when you drink senna. As it is a laxative, the tea will make its presence known relatively soon. You should also not drink it too often as it may lead to cramping or other negative health effects. 

However, if you want to clear your lower bowel due to constipation or illness, senna may help. Many people credit senna tea with helping in weight loss, thanks to the efficiency it brings to the digestion and waste elimination process. 

Oolong Tea

Like many other varieties of the tea plant, oolong tea may provide potential heart health benefits. While more research is needed, it is thought that oolong tea may contribute to the normal regulation of inflammatory factors in a healthy immune system, support for the smooth lining on the interior walls of blood vessels and arteries, and overall support for a healthy cardiovascular system. 

Due to oolong tea’s widespread popularity all around the world, some people suggest that more people may want to consider drinking oolong tea, and its potential to support many of the body’s natural processes. 

We tend to think that oolong tea will prove its worth to the scientific community as more research is done. In the meantime, we know that oolong is flavorful and typically safe to consume. 

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea, when taken right before a meal, is said to help us digest our food more efficiently and potentially aiding with weight loss. It is also commonly taken before bed to support relaxation and seeks to work in the digestive system overnight as well. Chamomile is a caffeine-free herbal tea, so you won’t have to worry about it adversely affecting your sleep. It also plays nicely with other teas and ingredients, like peppermint, cinnamon, papaya, and orange.

There are numerous other detoxifying teas that our cultures have discovered over the years. Do your own research and concoct your own blends out of flavors and effects that you enjoy. Use detoxifying teas as a regular part of your daily diet, and you’ll see the effects for years to come.