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Back-to-School Health Tips for Kids

how to get kids ready to go back to school

Learn how to get kids ready to go back to school.

It’s back to school time, which means every big box store is brimming with displays of pencils, erasers, and crisp new backpacks. Your kids probably grimace at the sight of school supplies, but for you it’s a reminder that you need to prepare them to go back to school.

Sure, you have the list from their teacher detailing what they need for the classroom, but what can you do to protect their health? Classrooms are famously known for spreading germs, and now more than ever you want to keep your kids safe. The team at Natural Healthy Concepts has put together some back to school health tips to give you peace of mind as a parent.

Immune Support for Back to School

Even before the pandemic, schools were widely regarded as places where germs were swapped on the regular. One of the best ways you can prepare your kids is to ensure they have a healthy immune response. A nutritious diet is your first line of defense against illness, but kid-safe vitamins and probiotics can be helpful as well.

Research shows that use of a daily probiotic can support your child’s immune response when they come into contact with viruses. Pediatric multivitamins can also help fill in nutrition gaps, ensuring your child has enough vitamin C, zinc, and other nutrients to keep them feeling healthy.

Boost Their Mental Health

This past year has been hard on kids. Teachers, pediatricians, and other mental health professionals are just now getting a grasp on the effects the pandemic has had on our children. Going back to school this year may be different than it was in the past. Your kids may display more hesitation or anxiety, or be acting out in confusing ways at the thought of going back to school.

School is a less-predictable place for kids than it once was, so if you notice your children have big feelings or concerns about reentering the classroom, be sure to create space to listen. Giving them a half hour of your undivided attention, or engaging with them in their favorite activity may yield insights you can use to help them feel more prepared.

Support Healthy Students With Products from Natural Healthy Concepts

Packing your kids a nutritious lunch is one way to support their health this school year. Our store is stocked with supplements and supplies tailored to support your kids’ health as they head back to school.

Genestra HMF Fit For School Probiotic

Send your kids to school with the support they need to stay healthy and happy with a great-tasting probiotic supplement. Genestra HMF Fit for School Probiotic contains vitamins C and D as well as 12.5 billion CFU proprietary probiotic strains.

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Kids Chewable Whole Food Multivitamin

Ensure your kids’ immune system has the support it needs by using a daily multivitamin like Vitamin Code Kids Chewable Whole Food Multivitamin from Garden of Life. With 26 organic fruits and veggies, this supplement can support the immune response, healthy bones, and digestive support.

HLC Fit for School Probiotic from Pharmax

Help keep your child healthy during the school year with HLC Fit for School Probiotic from Pharmax. This chewable, naturally flavored probiotic supplement contains a variety of probiotic strains plus key nutrients to support the immune system.

Do you have any back-to-school health tips to share? The team at Natural Healthy Concepts would love to read them in the comments section below.

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