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How to Choose a Quercetin Supplement


Quercetin is a plant-based pigment known as a flavonoid that offers several health benefits. It reduces inflammation that is associated with many chronic diseases. It is beneficial to cardiovascular and brain health, and it may reduce allergy symptoms and lower blood pressure. Its natural antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory properties may also help promote a healthy immune system. Its ability to fight free radicals may also make it helpful in prevention against cell damage.

The pigment is found in food products such as citrus fruits, vegetables, red wine, and green tea. But if you are not getting enough in your diet, you may choose to take a supplement. It’s essential to source your supplement from a trusted brand to ensure its purity and potency.  

Finding the best high-quality dietary supplements isn’t easy. The form of quercetin you take also matters. This article will guide you on how to choose a quercetin supplement to ensure you find a product that provides optimal health benefits.

How to Choose a Quercetin Supplement

Here are some things to look for when choosing a quercetin supplement.


Bioavailability refers to the absorption of quercetin by your body. Some supplements may have special formulations of additional compounds that make them more bioavailable. For example, quercetin phytosome offers better stability and higher absorption rates.

Third-Party Testing

The FDA does not approve supplements for safety and effectiveness. Some supplement brands may take advantage of the lack of regulations and fudge their labeling information to make it seem like their products are not as pure and potent as they truly are.

A brand that uses third-party testing will have their products lab-tested before they go to market. They will publish the testing results on their website for optimal transparency. The results confirm the product’s purity and potency.


Studies show quercetin is effective in doses ranging from 250 – 1,000 mg daily. Research to find a dose that’s right for you based on biological factors. Consider how much quercetin is already in your diet to strike the right balance.

Choose a product that provides an adequate dose without requiring you to take multiple pills each day.

Brand Reputation

Source your quercetin supplements from a trustworthy brand. Look at online reviews to determine if the brand is reputable. Brands that use lab testing are recommended.


Price is a consideration in any purchasing decision. When it comes to quercetin supplements, avoid brands with suspiciously low prices. They may need to use quality ingredients.

The most expensive brands may not be the best either. Choose a brand that offers the best value for the money. Narrow your search to reputable brands and choose the one that suits your budget.

Dietary Restrictions

People with food restrictions must choose a quercetin supplement that meets their dietary needs. Quercetin is naturally gluten-free. However, vegans must ensure the products they buy do not contain animal products or use animal testing.


GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. A GMP-certified product is consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. It minimizes health risks that may develop through pharmaceutical production.


GMOs are Genetically Modified Organisms. Vitamins with GMOs will contain ingredients derived from genetically modified plants. They are typically used to enhance vitamin production, but some consumers fear that they negatively affect health and cause environmental problems.

If GMOs are a concern, choose a non-GMO quercetin supplement.


Environmental consumers will choose a sustainably packaged supplement that uses recyclable or biodegradable packaging. 

All-Natural Ingredients

Choose a product made with all-natural ingredients and free of artificial colors, flavors, allergens, and preservatives.

Now that you know how to choose a quercetin supplement, you can find a product that optimizes your well-being. Choose from a brand you trust to make quality supplements with natural ingredients. For starters, try our recommendations for the best quercetin supplement

Good luck reaching your wellness goals.