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Here’s Why Infants May Benefit from Moving Around More


We know the importance of physical exercise for children, teens, and adults. But infants and newborn babies don’t need to exercise, right? 

Actually, science may have something to say about that.

As it turns out, a recent study found that infants may benefit from moving around more.

Research Behind The Importance of Infant Movement

The study published by the New York Times tracked the movement of infants by using activity trackers. These trackers followed the babies’ squirming, kicking, crawling, and stillness. 

There has been a lot of research into sedentary lifestyles of children in western culture, and the detrimental effect this has on their health, but little research had been done on the movements of infants.

The study found that as babies grew older, their activity increased, generally by about four percent over three months. Along with this, scientists found a link between movement and body fat. In other words, the babies who moved the least tended to be the ones who were the fattest.

While the researchers note that babies are not expected to be thin, body fat distribution, even at a young age, can predict future health.

Infants who are heavier and infants who gain weight too quickly in the first year of life tend to be heavier children later, Dr. Sara Benjamin-Neelon, an associate professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the new study’s lead author, says.

What Should Parents Do?

So how can parents encourage their infants to move around more? Dr. Benjamin-Neelon says to Allow babies to spend supervised time each day moving freely on the floor, as long as the environment is safe.

Dr. Benjamin-Neelon also added, Tummy time allows infants to lift their heads and develop and strengthen upper-body muscles. This is anecdotal, but I have heard pediatricians say that many infants in their practice now are lacking upper-body strength.

Helping infants move around enough is one way to support your baby’s health.

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