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Try These Herbal Formulas to Remove Unwanted Body Hair


We spend a lot of time and effort trying to control the hair on our bodies. We shave, pluck, and bleach, all in an attempt to keep perfectly groomed. It is a lot of work.

A lot goes into grooming, so let’s focus on one area: body hair removal.

Specifically, this article is going to talk about natural approaches to hair removal using products found in Natural Healthy Concept. We’re going to profile three of our favorites and talk a little about the methodology behind them, and why they may be ideal for your hair removal needs!

Organic Hair Remover with Tea Tree Oil by Moom

Organic Hair Remover with Tea Tree Oil from Moom is remarkably effective at removing hair, because it mimics methods like waxing and sugaring, while being less painful than the former and more effective than the latter. Made of only five natural ingredients (cane sugar, lemon juice, chamomile, tea tree oil, and water), Moom creates a natural adhesive bond between hair, skin, and a cloth strip.

This product allows you to “grab” each of the hairs so when you pull the cloth strip (always in the opposite direction of hair growth,) it will pull out all of the hairs by the root. Tea oil is here to help soothe the skin and ensure that the hairs won’t regrow too quickly between each use. This allows you to have smooth, hair-free skin in just a few minutes.

Oriental Wax by Acorelle

Oriental Wax from Acorelle uses the same fundamentals used for centuries to remove unwanted body hair. Waxing is a classic method of grasping onto hairs and pulling each strand from the follicles that anyone can do at home.

This product includes a single 300-gram pot of natural Oriental sugar wax, 12 washable and reusable paper strips, and one wooden spatula. Easy-to-follow directions are also included.

As with the hair remover with tea tree oil product, Oriental Wax is applied to the area with the hair that the user wishes to remove. While still warm, the paper strip is applied to the wax. When the wax cools and hardens, it forms a bond between the hair and paper. Forcibly pulled away in the opposite direction to the hair’s growth, the hair is pulled out and remains in the wax, now stuck to the paper.

Wax Strips by Acorelle

Wax Strips from Acorelle is a wax and paper strip in one item. All you have to do is warm the strip up between your palms. The wax is specially formulated to become soft with only this small amount of heat and energy expenditure.

Next, apply the skin-warmed strip to your hair, pressing in the direction of the hair’s growth. The wax will immediately form a bond to the hair, and you can now pull the strip away, in the opposite action of the hair’s growth. Like the other methods and products described above, this will remove hair and leave your skin hairless for up to several weeks. This product is hypoallergenic and completely natural.


No natural method will completely remove hair forever, but these methods will give you hair-free surfaces affordably and effectively, and the results will last for many days. If you’re new to natural hair removal, try these products soon. We think you’ll be happy with the result.