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7 Healthy Peach Recipes for Sweet Summer Eating

healthy peach recipes

Biting into a juicy, fresh peach is like tasting the flavor of summer and letting it drip down your chin.

It’s definitely fun to eat your peaches that way. But you may be missing out on some deliciously creative ways to use this summer fruit.

We found some awesome peach recipes for you to try including everything from lunch and dinner, to drinks and – of course – dessert.

The popular ’90s song by the band Presidents of the United States of America was wrong (see video at the end of the post). Peaches do not “come from a can” and they were not “put there by a man in a factory downtown.”

But there could be some nice health benefits to eating millions of peaches…

Peaches provide 10 different vitamins and are highest in vitamin A and vitamin C. They also provide a rich source of antioxidants and supply a good amount of the mineral potassium.

That’s all peachy-keen – but now let’s get to those peach recipes!

1. Easy Dairy-Free & Gluten-Free Peach Cobbler

gluten-free peach recipe

Peach cobbler is one of the most popular dessert recipes containing peaches, but those with common food allergens are often left out.

Thankfully, there are plenty of food bloggers out there with methods for making treats that are dairy-free and gluten-free. That includes Heather Crosby of YumUniverse.

She has a GF and DF Peach Cobbler recipe she says is easy to make. In fact, Heather whipped up this peach recipe while helping her brother and his family take care of new baby twins. Oh, and she was also launching a new website at the time.

“So, picture me, on the computer at certain points during the day holding a baby with my left arm, typing with the right, and rocking another baby in a little chair with my right foot.”

This peach recipe really is pretty simple. It calls for almond flour, coconut oil, sea salt and cane sugar for the crust. Heather makes her peach filling with organic peaches and seasons it with cinnamon, cardamon and vanilla extract.

Instead of normal ice cream – she tops it off with her own dairy-free ice cream recipe.

2. Clean-Eating Peach Crumble


What’s the difference between a crumble, a crisp and a cobbler? The Kitchn.com explains it this way…

Cobblers have a dough-like crust, crisps use oats in the topping and crumbles are…crumbly.

Now if we want to get technical…Heather’s recipe above is more of a crumble and this recipe from Amy’s Healthy Baking is essentially a crisp – since it contains oats.

But it all tastes good, so who’s counting?

Amy used very ripe peaches so she didn’t need to add a lot of additional sweetener to her filling. This recipe is a lighter version of a peach pie Amy’s grandmother made.

“But unlike Grandma’s pie, my crumble is clean-eating friendly, with gluten-free and vegan options too. It’s the sweetest way to eat your daily servings of fruit!”

3. Fresh Peach Mojito


Taking the time to mix up a cocktail made with fresh peaches will be well worth the effort.

Nicole from Tasty Kitchen says you’ll need to puree some fresh peaches. Make sure you blend until there are no chunks of fruit left (and don’t forget to remove the pits unless you want to buy a new blender).

You’ll pour that puree through a strainer to get rid of any skin. Then in a glass, you muddle together fresh mint leaf with your favorite natural sweetener and a splash of club soda.

Finally, you’ll squeeze fresh lime into the glass before pouring in the peach puree and your favorite rum. Add some ice and enjoy one fresh and fruity summer cocktail!

4. Fresh Peach Salsa

peach-salsa-recipePeaches are a great addition to salads. But yet another fun way to enjoy fresh peaches is chopping them up to make a salsa.

Robyn at the site Add a Pinch says this peach recipe is perfect for snacking with tortilla chips, as well as a topping for fish tacos and grilled chicken or pork.

It’s not much different than making a typical tomato salsa. You dice up your peaches with fresh onion and jalapeno. But then you also add a teaspoon of maple syrup for some extra sweetness.

Robyn’s recipe makes about one cup – but she says you can increase the amount based on your peach salsa needs.

“In other words, increase to cover the amount you’ll eat with chips before you are supposed to be serving it. Then, you’ll be covered.”

5. Grilled Peaches with Cinnamon and Honey


Fruit probably isn’t the first kind of food you think about throwing on the grill. But it can really enhance their flavors – caramelizing that natural sugar and adding hints of smoke.

Ali from the Mama Report shows us how she grills up summer peaches with an amazing cinnamon-honey butter.

Ali cut her peaches in half, basted them in oil, and grilled them fleshy side down until she saw some nice browning. She admits to winging this part of the recipe – but from the looks of her pictures – it turned out perfectly.

That little cavity where the peach pit once resided is an ideal place to put the mouthwatering cinnamon-honey butter where it will melt into a pool of goodness. Sprinkle a little cinnamon on top to finish them off.

Ali’s kids say this is like peach cobbler without the crust, except she thinks grilling the peaches adds an “extra dimension.”

6. Peach Bacon Avocado Sandwich

peach-bacon-avocado-sandwichPeaches can be used in heartier recipes, too. This sandwich is kind of like a fruity BLT – without the tomato and with avocado, too. So I guess that makes it a BLAP.

We got this peach recipe from Jen at Beantown Baker. What really puts it over the top is the basil sauce that she makes.

The basil sauce has her homemade mayo as a base so you could say it’s a basil aioli.

Just imagine it – the sweet peaches, combined with crispy salty bacon, creamy avocado slices and aromatic basil sauce…now that’s a sandwich!

7. Basil Peach Chicken Breasts

chicken dinner peach recipeFinally, here’s a way to incorporate peaches into your main dish. Southern Living Magazine featured this peach recipe on its website.

It’s another recipe that makes use of basil – which I happen to have a ton of in my backyard garden this year.

This peach recipe is a little bit more work than others on this list. But the end result will surely please the palates of your family or guests. One important step is that the chicken breasts are cooked in a skillet and then finish baking in the oven. This helps seal in the moisture before letting the chicken finish at a lower temperature. No one likes dry chicken.

After browning your chicken breasts in a skillet, you’ll take them out and then add the other ingredients including: peaches, basil, chicken broth, shallots and seasonings. Then return the chicken to the skillet before putting it all in a 350 degree oven for the last 15 minutes or so.

Some readers suggest serving this dish over jasmine rice.

What About Your Favorite Peach Recipes?

There are certainly many other ways to make use of peaches. After all – we didn’t even include a peach pie in this recipe roundup! So now it’s your turn…

We’d love it if you would tell us about your favorite peach recipes. Leave us a comment below.

You wouldn’t want anyone to waste their peaches – that would be the pits.