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The Potential Health Benefits of Pycnogenol Supplements


Pycnogenol is an extract of French Maritime Pine Bark, a species of pine trees that grow exclusively in southwest France in an area largely untouched by human development and environmental toxins. Pycnogenol has many potential health benefits, including providing health support for the blood and brain. Should you consider adding Pycnogenol from a brand like Healthy Origins to your daily supplement regimen? Keeping reading to find out.

Potential Health Benefits

As mentioned, French maritime tree bark contains natural plant compounds such as antioxidants that may be key to how it works to support the body and brain. While preparing the tree bark as an herbal tonic or another form may work for your individual needs, Pycnogenol is unique. Pycnogenol is a type of extract that only contains select factors and concentrates them down into a form that research suggests may provide optimal medicinal support.

Here is a brief look at just a few of the potential benefits that Pycnogenol may provide your brain and body each day.

Brain Support

Brain Health, Focus, And Aging

Research suggests that the antioxidants in Pycnogenol may provide support for brain health during normal aging. Oxidative stress is believed to play a role in some common challenges that affect the brain and can lead to neuronal dysfunctions, synapse loss, and cell death. In clinical trials, Pycnogenol was found to “intervene” when high oxidative stress or traumatic damage occurred in the brain.

Other research also points to potential support for focus and a normal mood and behavior. Similar to the above research, antioxidants play a role in the immune system and oxidative stress levels the body. When the different system of the body are in balance, hormones, sleep patterns, and an overall feeling of wellbeing may be easier to achieve. While not all patients in the clinical trials reacted the same, it is thought that people with certain biomarkers my see optimal results.

Body Support

Cardiovascular System

Pycnogenol also supports various areas of the body. Much of the research focuses on how Pycnogenol may support the cardiovascular system. Research suggests that Pycnogenol supports the elasticity of arteries and veins, helping to maintain support for blood pressure levels already within the normal range. Two other studies found that it may also help to maintain the volume of vessels found in the legs, as well as providing additional support in combination with conventional treatments for swelling.

Eye Health

Blood flow through the eyes is important for supplying oxygen and nutrients. But many risk factors like blood pressure and blood sugar levels may decrease blood flow to the eyes. Research suggests that Pycnogenol may help to maintain normal blood flow and the stability of cell walls that can break down and cause leaking into the eyes. With the right support for the eyes through various lifestyle changes, researchers suggest that some individuals may help to maintain their visual acuity during normal aging.


Thanks to its antioxidant properties, clinical research has found that Pycnogenol may provide support for healthy joints by helping to regulate the inflammatory response and providing temporary relief from occasional discomfort. However, these results are still unclear and more studies are needed to understand the results.

Healthy Origins Supplements

Healthy Origins is a trusted source of quality supplements that contain Pycnogenol and other potentially beneficial ingredients. The mission of the brand is “to provide healthy value from reliable origins.” This means that the brand seeks to provide the body and brain nutrients derived from clean sources of natural.

Unlike our ancestors that enjoyed a world without industrialization and toxins, it is harder than ever to find source of food and herbal products. Healthy Origins works each day to source ingredients from areas that maintain a high standard for environmental quality. The brand follows the FDA and cGMP guidelines, and every product is honest about fillers, binders and coatings.

Check out Healthy Origins Pycnogenol supplements and other formulas and see if they provide the additional support you are looking for each day.

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