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Happy Independence Day!

Celebrate your independence today and give thanks for all the freedoms that we enjoy. Some of our freedoms with regards to decision-making about our health are currently in jeopardy so be thankful now and be proactive about supporting efforts to maintain our current freedoms.

For instance, in Wisconsin, there is pending legislature that may restrict the ability of anyone who is not a registered dietitian or medical doctor, to advertise and practice nutritional consulting. Many of you who are interested in natural health realize that this will severely impact many alternative practicing modalities. Do medical doctors really know more about nutrition than someone like me, a certified nutritionist who maintains certification with 16 hours annually of nutrition education? Does your doctor do that? I suppose the argument is that only medical doctors and registered dietitians strictly “follow” the recommendations of organizations such as the FDA, American Heart Associations, etc. If you want to know more and be proactive, 2009 SENATE BILL 115