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Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Kids

gift ideas for kids
Here are 6 fun, healthy last-minute gift ideas for kids!

Oh, the holidays. What a joy it is to see friends and family that you’ve been missing. Everyone gathers for a bushel of fun and oh no, you forgot to get gifts for your best friend’s children! No worries, we have six last-minute gift idea for kids, straight ahead!

6 Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

Plant Therapy‘s Forest Friends KidSafe Diffuser

These are great gift ideas for kids who are nervous or anxious, or just curious about essential oils, and this kid-friendly diffuser is one-of-a-kind. The base is an adorable animal that can change into three different species by simply changing the ears. Choose from a feisty fox, a cute bunny or a sweet teddy bear. The Forest Friends diffuser also plays gentle lullaby music to help little ones fall asleep gently and comes with a night light that changes colors depending on the child’s mood. How cute is that?

Naked Bee‘s Mini Bee Kit Orange Blossom Honey

Give your friend’s Mini Me, this fun pocket-sized Mini Bee Kit. They’ll love feeling grown up with their very own hand and body lotion, organic lip balm and even their own hand sanitizer! Seriously, what little girl wouldn’t be all over this?

Wyndmere Essential OilsAromatherapy Bracelet

A cool looking bracelet that also provides the soothing effects of essential oils, yes please! This corded bracelet is great for older boys or girls and will be a winner as they show off to all their friends the real colored lava beads! Just add a few drops of your favorite oils to the beads and enjoy the scent all day long!

Badger‘s Lip Balm Gift Pack

This one is great for kids, but can we get one too? Like, seriously? This holiday scented lip balm set includes the warm holiday scents of Chai Rose, Cinnamon Bay and Peppermint. All are made from pure essential oils, herbal extracts and other gentle ingredients for the ultimate in moisturizing lip care. They are perfect for everyday use, and one of our favorite gift ideas for kids, or anyone!

Aroma Bling‘s Rosabella Essential Oil Necklace

Got a teen to buy for this year? How about gifting them this beautiful essential oil necklace? The stainless steel locket features a modern design of a fragmented rose on the outside, but open it up and you have a safe place to keep drops of your favorite essential oils, so you can enjoy them all day long. The necklace comes with four felt pads that can be switched out with different oils throughout the day depending on your mood or needs. Super cool right?

Ora’s Amazing Herbal‘s New Mama Gift Box

Okay, technically, this one is for that brand new mama, but she needs a little something too! This welcoming gift box is perfect for mama and baby.  It includes Ora’s Amazing Newborn Salve for tiny tushies, plus a small all-purpose salve for on-the-go. She’ll also love two soothing lip balms, a postpartum herbal tea for hormone balance, and a cool stainless steel tea ball for easy steeping. Trust us, she’ll thank you!

These last minute gift ideas for kids are sure to bring smiles to everyone’s faces this holiday season. For more ideas, shop with Natural Healthy Concepts. Have a great one!