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Dirt, Hand Sanitizer, and All the Germs

dirt, hand sanitizer, and soap
Learn how dirt, hand sanitizer, and soap may help you maintain health.

Is Dirt Good for You?

Germs, and specifically those in dirt, are actually really good for you. Why? When your body comes into contact with small amounts of germs from dirt and dirty things regularly, it has the opportunity to build up immunity and create a robust immune system. When we sterilize our environments and all the surfaces in our homes, we create within ourselves a hyper-sensitive immune system so any time they are exposed there is a huge inflammatory response and that response is linked to eczema, food allergies, and asthma.

Eating fermented foods (i.e., leafy vegetables, colorful foods, high fiber foods) and reducing sugar intake as well as exposing yourself to plants, animals, and the outdoors regularly helps decrease our body’s inflammatory response.

Hand Sanitizers: Yes or No?

Believe it or not, most hand sanitizers are not as effective at killing germs over time as simple soap.  Washing with warm, soapy water is much better. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day‘s Foaming Hand Soap is a great natural option.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers do kill germs, but they also dry out and remove the protective layer of oil on your skin. When that layer of protection is removed, any bacteria that you come into contact with will go directly into your body until your body regenerates it.

If you are traveling or in an environment where you must use a hand sanitizer, using a silver containing hand sanitizer is a much better option. For starters, try Natural Path Silver WingsSilver Aloe Vera Gel with Tea Tree Oil.

Silver gel does not dry out the layer of oil on your skin so it remains intact, continuing to provide protection for you. Silver also goes a step further and kills anything that lands on it for up to 4 hours. So not only is your protective layer intact, but you also are actively killing any bacteria you come into contact with. And, as always, don’t be afraid of getting a little dirty.