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4 Reasons to Try Garlic Supplements with Allicin

garlic supplements with allicin

Garlic supplements with allicin may make a difference for you. Learn more about what garlic could do for you here!

The potential health benefits of garlic are no longer a secret, in fact every year millions of Americans use garlic in both their cooking and as a support for a healthy lifestyle. As the body of scientific research on the potential benefits of garlic grows, the reasons to implement more garlic into your diet expand as well. One of the reasons that garlic is so beneficial is the organosulfur compound known as allicin.

Read on to learn more about allicin and how it supports the body.

What is Allicin?

Allicin is a compound responsible for the aroma which is released when fresh cloves of garlic are chopped. As garlic has been studied, allicin has also been isolated and researched and “is one of the major organosulfur compounds in garlic considered to be biologically active.” Simply put, one of the reasons garlic is thought to be good for you is the allicin in contains. Researchers are still debating over the most effective ways to consume and store garlic to maximum allicin’s potential. However, the body of evidence already available shows that however you ingest it, garlic supplements with allicin may have potential benefits for your health. 

Supports the Body’s Internal Response

Many proponents of garlic supplements with allicin cite the way they interact with the body to provide support during illnesses and infections. In fact in during World War II, minced garlic, rich in allicin, was spread on the wounds of soldiers to prevent infection, and seemed to have a positive effect.

You may be been told by a friend to take raw or minced garlic to help with a cold, which can be a strong and potent experience to say the least. But the truth is that studies show taking garlic and allium in either raw or supplement forms may offer support for the effects of seasonal ailments and discomforts.

Potential Cardiovascular Benefits

A study out of Hong Kong showed a strong correlation between allicin and cardiovascular support. “Allicin is known to be hydrophobic and can be readily absorbed through the cell membrane without inducing any damage to the phospholipid bilayer and then rapidly metabolized to exert pharmacological effects that are important to the cardiovascular system.”

Offers Antioxidant Support

Scientists are hard at work trying to understand the potential cancer-fighting properties of allicin. Many believe that allicin may neutralize free radicals, which move through the body and cause malignancy in cells. A recent study shows that allicin is “responsible for the anti-proliferative (or cancer fighting) effect of garlic derivatives.” Although this research continues to be studied, it’s possible garlic may pack some serious potential health benefits for you. 

Try These Garlic Supplements with Allicin

If you’re ready to integrate more of this supplement into your daily routine, check out these quality supplements available from Natural Healthy Concepts.

Allicidin by Premier Research Labs

garlic supplements with allicinIf you’re looking for a natural, vegan supplement that provides broad spectrum botanical immune support, take a look at Allicidin from Premier Research Labs. It contains a Premier live-source formula featuring allicin in combination with organic turkey tails, hyssop and organic parsley for a complex formula.

GarliActive by Pure Encapsulations

garlic supplements with allicinGarliActive contains a natural alkalizing matrix consisting of calcium, magnesium and potassium to protect alliinase from degrading in the acidity of the stomach. This supplement provides all the potential benefits of garlic and allicin without the odor or irritation to the stomach lining. Alliinase is the key enzyme required to convert alliin to allicin, the compound associated with the health benefits of garlic.

Do you have any questions about the potential benefits of garlic supplements with allicin? Have you used allicin supplements with success on your natural healthy journey? We would love to read your questions and experiences in the comments section below.

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