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Delicious Fruit Supplements and Teas for Body And Brain


Our planet provides us so many delicious fruits that help us meet our nutritional needs. Yet, too many of us do not eat the two or more servings of fruit recommended each day.

Fruit is a good source of natural fibers, essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. But there are good reasons people may not add fruit to a daily meal or as a snack. Some fruit is too expensive and goes bad quickly, our local grocer may not have a good selection, or perhaps our pallet doesn’t agree with the sweetness or texture.

If you want a way to enjoy more fruits in your diet without eating them, take a look at the below suggestions for some of our tops picks for fruit teas and supplements. We’ll also briefly talk about some of the ways they may support your health, and much more!

Teas From Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs does tea incredibly well, but they are also known for high quality fruit powders. Acerola Berry Powder is made from acerola cherries. These cherries are believed to contain the highest concentration of natural vitamin C when compared to other fruits.

The Acerola Berry Powder is great for making jellies and jams, syrups, and candies. But the best result may be found when you add the powder to your favorite tea from Mountain Rose Herbs. The brand sells matcha tea, herbal coffee teas, and tea blends that may provide support for energy levels, feelings of stress, gut health, and the immune system to name a few of the potential benefits.

For more information, look at each product description for information about the potential benefits of each tea, or check out the blog post about herbal teas.

Tart Cherry From Solgar

Tart Cherry contains a concentrated fruit extract that contains the equivalent of eating 1000 mg of tart cherries per capsule. When shopping for any Solgar product, just look for the gold label and lid, a hallmark of the brand to show the standards for quality and science-backed research that goes into every supplement. Take up to two capsules daily for optimal support.

Tart cherries are known for being an ideal source of free radical scavenging antioxidants that support healthy cells. Studies also show that tart cherries may provide support for muscle recovery after workouts, blood pressure levels already within the normal range, healthy joints, and sleep quality.

Spectra Reds And Oranges From DaVinci Labs

Spectra powdered formulas contain a proprietary blend of fruit and other potentially beneficial compounds. The Spectra formula is available as either Spectra Reds and Spectra Oranges.

The Reds formula is made from red fruits like strawberries, cherries, and raspberries; and also contains a brain health blend, immune blend, heart blend, and eye blend. The Oranges formula is made from oranges, peaches, apricot; and also an energy and vegetable blend.

Both formulas seek to provide essential nutrients and antioxidants, as well as providing natural soluble fiber, support for detoxification and the liver, and cellular health.

With fruit supplements and teas, you can add more of the potential health benefits found in fruit into your daily life. Just like you vary your dietary choices, also consider changing up your supplements to find what you enjoy and what provides feelings of health and wellness each day.

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