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What Foods Destroy Testosterone?

foods that destroy testosterone
Avoid these 5 foods that destroy testosterone.

Hormonal balance is an important part of maintaining healthy energy, and testosterone is a sex hormone that is key for both men and women. There are many factors that can influence your testosterone levels, including weight, diet, lifestyle, and age. Are you wondering what foods destroy testosterone? Keep reading to learn more about how to naturally support balanced hormone levels.

The Function of Testosterone

Although testosterone can be found in both men and women, it is the main sex hormone for men. For males, testosterone is responsible for building muscle, increasing strength, sex drive, and more. When testosterone is imbalanced, it can cause a number of health conditions, including heart issues and type 2 diabetes.

5 Foods That May Lower Testosterone

If you want to focus on increasing or maintaining healthy testosterone levels, here are 5 foods and beverages to avoid.


If you’re wondering what destroys testosterone, your cold beer may top the list. Research from Loyola University shows that consumption of alcohol can have a negative effect on the male reproductive system, leading to a decrease in testosterone levels.


Soy and soy based products may play a role in lowered testosterone levels. Worldwide research is ongoing when it comes to how soy consumption can impact hormone levels in both men and women. To be safe, you may want to steer clear of soy when looking to support healthy testosterone levels.

Vegetable Oil

Polyunsaturated fats and other processed foods shouldn’t be a large part of your diet, and here is yet another reason. Fat sources such as canola and vegetable oil have shown a decrease in testosterone levels in some studies.


Although it is considered healthy for many other reasons, this omega-rich superfood may be responsible for lowering testosterone levels. Studies by Duke University Medical Center have shown that flax seeds contain a chemical called lignan, which can cause a drop in testosterone.

Bakery Treats and Desserts

A study out of Taiwan showed that men whose diet contained regular servings of pastries and dessert had lower testosterone than those who avoided sweet treats. Many in this study also struggled with obesity, another factor in lower testosterone levels.

3 Supplements That Support Testosterone

Looking for a little help to balance your hormones and raise your testosterone levels? Here are 3 supplements that we recommend.

Mens Performance Edge by Premier Research Labs

As men age, their testosterone levels slowly decrease, leading to a decreased sex drive and risk of depression. Mens Performance Edge by Premier Research Labs is a testosterone support formula that offers hormone support through a botanical blend of cordyceps, turmeric, saw palmetto, maca, cayenne, and other natural sources.

Testosterone Formula from Integrative Therapeutics

Testosterone Formula from Integrative Therapeutics combines essential nutrients with botanical extracts to help support healthy testosterone levels. Each capsule contains a blend of magnesium, zinc, vitamins A and D, ashwagandha, and more.

TestoGain from Douglas Labs

Looking to support optimal testosterone production? TestoGain from Douglas Labs is a hormone specific formulation that contains a combination of phytoandrogens, androgenic adaptogens, and other herbs such as horny goat weed, velvet bean extract, and other nutritional naturals.

How do you maintain healthy testosterone levels? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.