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Folic Acid for Men: 4 Healthy Benefits

folic acid for men
Learn 4 potential health benefits of folic acid for men.

We often hear about folic acid being heavily recommended for women, particularly when they are pregnant, or are trying to get pregnant. You might be surprised to learn that there are also many potential health benefits to taking folic acid for men as well. In fact, some of the benefits are extremely important to your health and might even shock you! Read on to learn more about folic acid for men.

What is Folic Acid?

Folic acid is a water soluble B vitamin. It’s naturally found in many foods that we eat everyday, including green leafy vegetables like spinach, seeds and nuts, and many beans and whole grain products. Folic acid’s role in our bodies is to assist in the creation of new healthy cells. That’s why you hear medical professionals urging pregnant women to take an extra supplement everyday, because studies show that it is crucial to healthy fetal development, particularly for the brain and the spine. But, it’s benefits don’t stop there. Studies show that folic acid for men is vital to the healthy function of the heart and brain in adults too.

Here are four reasons why you should considering adding folic acid for men to your daily supplement routine:

01. May Assist With Healthy Blood Flow and Heart Function – Sure, you likely consume a healthy dose of folic acid in your diet everyday, but did you know that factors like alcohol consumption can interfere with the body’s absorption of this B vitamin? That’s why taking an additional 200-400 mcg may be beneficial. Studies show that folic acid man assist with healthy blood flow to the brain, by helping to keep blood vessels open and clear of obstructions. Why? Well, folate helps break down an amino acid called homocysteine, which can damage the inner walls of our arteries. For this reason, folic acid is also very important to healthy heart function.

02. May Assist in Healthy Sperm Production – For couples who are trying to get pregnant, men should go ahead and ingest a daily supplement of folic acid right along with their female partner. Some studies show that men who add folic acid to their daily routines have a healthy sperm count and fewer abnormalities.

03. May Promote Healthy Brain Function – Memory loss and more severe forms of cognitive decline are common signs of aging, but it’s possible that the rate at which they occur may be controlled with folic acid. Studies show that men and women who take a supplement of folic acid may be able to sustain healthy brain function longer in life. It appears to also have potential benefits for those who already showing signs of cognitive decline due to aging.

04. May Be Beneficial for Those With Mood Disorders – Folic acid for men may also be beneficial for those who struggle with feelings of sadness, whether seasonally or throughout the year. Some studies suggest folic acid may help the body react more efficiently to doctor prescribed medications for mood disorders.

Try it yourself by taking Folic Acid 400mcg by Douglas Laboratories. Or, get your daily dose of folic acid for men with a blended multivitamin like Vitamin Code 50 & Wiser Men’s Formula from Garden of Life.

Have you noticed any positive health benefits after taking folic acid for men? Tell us your story in the comments below!