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Fenugreek for Men: 6 Surprising Health Benefits

fenugreek for men

Discover 6 potential health benefits of fenugreek for men.

Most of the common health challenges that men complain about today have existed for thousands of years. Things like sexual performance, thinning hair, and fluctuating cholesterol levels are common struggles that will likely affect every man at some point in his life. Before you start looking for a solution for each individual concern; however, consider trying something that could help support your body for them all – fenugreek for men.

What is Fenugreek for Men?

Fenugreek is a plant that has been used medicinally for thousands of years by civilizations all over the world. Today, its most common uses are as a dietary supplement, a spice for food, or as an oil commonly found in beauty products. The fenugreek plant is quite the overachiever; it’s list of uses stretches out a mile long. But today we want to talk specifically about what it may do for men. Here are six surprising potential health benefits of using fenugreek for men:

01. May Help Support Sexual Health – In one randomized study, 60 healthy men were given either fenugreek or a placebo for 60 days. At the end of the study, the fenugreek group reported a significant positive impact on sexual arousal and orgasm. Researchers also concluded that the herb appears to assist in maintaining normal healthy testosterone levels. Some research even suggests that fenugreek for men may even promote a strong and healthy sperm count, which could be good news for couples who are struggling with getting pregnant.

02. May Support Hair Growth – Fenugreek is a widely popular ingredient in many beauty and hair products. It’s believed to help calm redness and irritation when used in creams and face lotions, and promote strong, fuller-looking hair when used in shampoos and scalp treatments. This could be good news for men who are worried about thinning hair. However, further clinical research is needed to verify this claim.

03. May Support Athletic Performance – There is some evidence to support the theory that fenugreek for men may promote energy, support a healthy body fat ratio, and help support athletic performance. One study using fenugreek and a placebo concluded that taking 500 mg of the herb had a significant impact on upper and lower body strength, and also had a positive impact on overall body composition.

04. May Support Against Acid Reflux – If you are prone to acid reflux, particularly after eating large meals, fenugreek could help ease your stomach discomfort. Some studies show that taking the herb before you eat may be just as effective as over-the-counter medications that are often used for getting stomach acid under control.

05. May Promote Healthy Cholesterol Levels Already in the Normal Range – Fenugreek seeds contain steroidal saponins, which are compounds that inhibit cholesterol absorption in the intestines and may also prevent the liver from overproducing it. Some studies show it may also help the body make more of the good cholesterol you need to help maintain optimal health. If you do suffer from abnormal cholesterol levels, talk to your healthcare provider first before starting a new treatment plan, especially if you are already on medication.

06. Supports Healthy Digestion (for Men and Women) – It is believed that overall health begins in the gut. If you’re facing digestion issues, your body may need natural support. Fenugreek is commonly used as a natural digestion aid. Taking it regularly is believed to promote a healthy digestive tract. It seems to help in all areas of digestion trouble, whether you need help moving things along in the bathroom, or help slowing things down. While this is not a potential benefit that only supports men’s health – as it may be effective for both men and women – it seems appropriate to include it here as an important support for overall health.

Have you tried fenugreek for men and found success? Tell us your story in the comments below!

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