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Family Business Committed to Nutritional Excellence

Family Business Committed to Nutritional Excellence

Bluebonnet Nutrition made headlines recently when Better Nutrition Magazine named the supplement company’s Extreme Edge line of protein powders as a winner in its Best of Supplements Awards for 2012.

Picture of Bluebonnet Extreme Edge Pre Workout
Extreme Edge picked up a Better Nutrition Magazine’s Best of Supplements Awards for 2012, as voted by readers.

The Extreme Edge line features three professional-strength products — pre workout, carbo load, and post workout — are made with synergistic, all-natural ingredients, such as undenatured, hormone-free whey protein.

What made this award so great was that the magazine’s readers, who were asked to vote for their favorite supplements, named it the best line of protein powders. And those votes were supplemented, if you can excuse the pun, by an advisory board of supplement experts with the responsibility of picking the very best of the best in the world of nutritional supplements.

And around the same time, Bluebonnet, which supplies a full range of natural nutritional supplements, received some other great news: Its supplier of functional fish oils for its line of Natural Omega-3 heart, joint, and brain formulas picked up the coveted 2012 European Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award for Product Differentiation Excellence.

Omega-3 may help with heart, pre- and post-natal, cognitive, eye, and joint health.

This family-owned business in the heart of Sugar Land, Texas, received this good news as it celebrated 21 years in business.

The company attributes its success to its commitment to natural food retailers like Natural Healthy Concepts and its conviction that businesses like ours are,

the best place for health-conscious consumers to obtain the most comprehensive information they need to address any nutritional or health concern.

The company says it has built its business on five fundamental powers:  nature, science, quality, truth, and knowledge.

And it has never lost sight of the fact that the real power behind its success is the partnership it forms with retailers and customers, bound by a mutual commitment to be passionate advocates for healthy living.

That commitment to healthy living extends to protecting the environment. Bluebonnet is working to harness nature’s power through the use of alternative energy sources: wind, solar and water.

Currently, 30 percent of the energy used each month to run Bluebonnet’s state-of-the-art manufacturing and analytical facilities comes from wind and solar energy.  The company is teaming up with local utility companies to increase that percentage and reduce its carbon footprint.

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