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Exercises to Help With Better Posture


Posture might seem like the least important aspect of health and wellness, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’ve ever had back pain, you know how it can take over your every thought and motion.

Back pain is often the result of bad posture. As the muscles around your spine weaken, your body naturally no longer stands entirely erect. This causes you to slump and puts excessive strain on parts of the spine not made to carry the head or deal with normal mobility or more intense physical activity.

Gradually, the damage caused by your poor posture can lead to bulging discs. This will cause daily pain and even reduced mobility. Over time, these issues will become worse.

What’s more, poor posture is an endemic health concern for people who spend a great deal of time sitting. Whether you work in an office or you’ve been sitting on the couch for a year trying to avoid coronavirus, your lifestyle may already have taken its toll on your posture.

Fortunately, you may still be able to prevent or reverse these issues using simple exercises. These exercises train the muscles to hold your body in a more natural position, even when sitting.

What exercise may help? We’ll list just a few of them here to start. But keep in mind that a well-rounded exercise regimen that includes cardio, resistance training, and stretching will promote good posture and lifelong spinal, core, and pelvic health.

Cobra Stretches

Cobra stretching is commonplace in yoga, but you can still do it even if you’ve never taken a class. To perform this move, lie down on your stomach, then place your palms beneath your shoulders and gently push up.

Your back will curve and your face will look straight ahead. You should feel the muscles in your lower back contract. Only go as far as you can without pain and without lifting your hips off the ground. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat 6 times. This movement can counteract bulging discs in the lower back. If you have chronic lower back pain or sciatica, repeat hourly until you feel relief.

Walking and Jogging

Believe it or not, simply walking or jogging can improve your posture. Jogging is even better. To walk or run properly, your body will have to hold itself upright. This will activate the stabilizing muscles throughout your spine and core, which will become stronger and do their work even when you are at rest.

High planks and Ab Work

To perform a high plank, get in the same stance as with the Cobra stretch, but push yourself up until your arms are completely straight. If possible, also balance on your toes. Hold for 30 seconds to begin, and build to minute-long planks and beyond. This exercise works your back and core in the same practice. If this is too challenging, you can get most of the same benefit from a forearm plank, in which you perform the same motion but resting on your forearms instead of the palms of your hands. Repeat daily and you’ll begin to see improvement.

Bound Locust Pose

Another classic yoga exercise, the Bound Locust, starts just like the Cobra, laying down on your stomach. Next, you’ll pull your arms behind your back and lift your sternum off the ground, while also lifting your legs. All of the weight will be carried by your back muscles. Hold for 10 seconds, or longer if you are able, and repeat 5 or 6 times. Build the time you can perform the exercise.

Of course, there are many other exercises that will build the muscles that promote good posture. If you’re out of practice at the gym, chances are your early exercises will be challenging. Fortunately, there are some quality supplements that can take some of the pain out of these days.

Wobenzym N / Wobenzym Plus – Mucos Pharma

Mucos Pharma offers two formulations that may be ideal for your individual needs. Wobenzym N is an enzyme formula that works within joints to support recovery from sports-related injuries. This formula also seeks to support mobility, joint health, circulation, and aging. Wobenzym Plus works similar to Wobenzym N, but may also provide temporary relief from occasional pain, limited flexibility, and issues related to mobility. However, before using these products, keep in mind that they may thin the blood, so consult with your primary care physician.

Power Adapt Liquid – Natura Health Products

Power Adapt Liquid from Natura Health Products is an energy support formula made with natural herbs that work with the endocrine system and energy production systems in the body. This is a liquid supplement that you can add to your water, protein shake, or smoothie.

Repair Guard – Perque

Repair Guard from Perque works to help the body adapt to general discomfort or swelling due to overexertion or injury. This formula may help to provide temporary relief from many exercise-related concerns, and also support the immune system for the stabilization and repair of cell membranes.

Super Sports Advanced Amino Acid Complex – Montiff

Super Sports Advanced Amino Acid Complex from Montiff is an amino acid complex that may be ideal for muscle recovery and growth. Amino acids form the building blocks of tissue in the body and are normally found when eating animal products. Due to nutritional deficiencies or dietary choices, you may need to supplement amino acids in your diet. This formula may help and fill your daily nutritional needs for amino acids.

Along with the exercise suggestions above and supplements, we hope that you will be able to maintain a healthy posture, mobility, and comfort each day!

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