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Essential Oils for a Perfect Night Sleep


The search for the perfect night’s sleep has been going on since the beginning of time! Each person you ask will have a different tip or guideline that they guarantee will grant you the perfect night’s rest. Ultimately, it comes down to what routine works best for you on a personal level, and it may take more than one guideline or tip from multiple sources to customize your routine to perfection. Why people fail to achieve a perfect night sleep can be caused by hormones or stress, along with chemical imbalances or sleep disorders.

There has been an interesting development in the hunt for the perfect night’s sleep, however, and it is something that numerous people would not expect to work – essential oils! Society, today as a whole, is more health conscious and environmentally conscious with a greater focus on what goes inside their bodies on a daily basis. Thanks to numerous studies and research projects, it has been determined that over-the-counter and even prescribed sleep aids can result in negative outcomes.

Sleep medications have the potential to create a dependency, resulting in sleepless nights until you take another dose. It takes a lot of willpower, hard work, mental growth, and support to combat a dependency of this magnitude. Essential oils are not known to cause a similar dependency, as they are herbs and plants that are found in nature. Many oils are made from the essence of the plant and without additives, thus causing a lesser chance of overconsumption of dependency.

Throughout this article, we will discuss what essential oils are the most beneficial for a good night’s sleep and how they can help you. We will also take a look at how a cooling mattress combined with essential oil usage can enhance your sleep quality.


When you think of lavender, you probably think of smelly sachets lying around your grandmother’s house or the purple flowering plant in a field somewhere in the middle of nowhere. The scent of lavender has been clinically shown, however, to offer a relaxing atmosphere and soothing night. People who slept with the scent of lavender in the room, either from a diffuser or a couple of drops of essential oils directly on their pillow, recorded longer sleep with a lower amount of interruptions than those who went to sleep as they normally would.


Vetiver is a long rooted plant that resembles grass in its basic form. The oils derived from this plant tend to have a strong earthy smell with hints of lemon, and it has been shown to promote calm feelings in those who continuously breathe it in! It also grounds and stabilizes the atmosphere when used in a room either via a diffuser or drops in a dish anywhere in the room. The stronger scent makes it less attractive to be put directly on your bedding compared to the previously mentioned lavender.


This aromatic fragrance is found in the gum resin derived from African trees, and it has been known to support a normal sleep cycle sleep by balancing emotions, calming mental states, and providing support a healthy immune response to internal challenges.

Roman Chamomile

The chamomile plant has daisy-like white flowers with strong, sturdy stems that admit a sweet, crisp, and slightly fruity scent. This plant can be used to flavor foods and is commonly found in herbal teas, perfumes, and cosmetics. Studies have shown those who ingest or inhale the scent of chamomile have lower levels of stress and higher quality sleep per night.


Although this scent is mostly associated with cleaning products, it has been shown to have an effect similar to some sedatives when inhaled. Traditional herbal medicine practiced in Brazil faithfully used lemon, as it was proven to contain aromas that help to ease feelings of anxiety.

Now, essential oils can be used or administered in numerous ways from the use of a diffuser to ingesting the oils in your nightly beverage if the product is marked specifically for this use – consuming essential oils can make your very ill.

It takes only two to three drops for the health benefits of essential oils to circulate through either your room or through your body, so a bottle of these oils can last for months. And there is very rarely an expiration date. But before embarking on this new fragrant journey, talk to your healthcare professional, especially if you have a previous sleep condition that prescription medication is necessary for!

Another Tip to get the Perfect Night Sleep – Cool your Room

Essential oils can only take you so far along your journey for a night of perfect sleep. There is also another tip that’s commonly taken for granted to some of us, and that is the temperature of the bedroom. It should be lower than the rest of the house. If possible, installing an air conditioner in your bedroom or investing in a programmable thermostat can do the trick. You just have to remember to allow your bedroom to cool for approximately an hour before going to bed, as this can provide a more comfortable atmosphere for sleeping. Another great way to regulate temperature is through the use of cooling mattresses, which will automatically cool your body whenever it detects the rising temperature beneath the sheet.

A cooler bedroom may also offer other potential benefits as well. When your bedroom is cool, the body will have to circulate your blood at a quicker pace, which will increase the heart rate and, in turn, may burn more calories! Also, a lack of tossing and turning due to the heat built up in your mattress and bedroom and may help to ease sleep-related discomfort.


As with any options you introduce to your lifestyle, it is ultimately up to you how you establish and maintain this new routine. Everyone can have an opinion on what is the best way to live your life, but the final decision comes to you; and if you find yourself unable to sleep and is looking for an alternative to sleep better, then research how essential oils can help and focus on the oils that will be of great use to you. Just enjoy the process along the way until you find the right one.

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