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Wide-Awake? Try Essential Oils for Sleep

essential oils for sleep
Having trouble getting a good night’s rest? Try these essential oils for sleep support.

Do you find it hard to shut off your brain at bedtime? Or maybe leftover energy has you tossing and turning despite being exhausted? Whatever the cause, many natural health experts suggest that using essential oils for sleep may help you get the rest you need.

Common Essential Oils for Sleep

Civilizations throughout history have used essential oils for aromatherapy to help support relaxation and sleep.

Lavender oil is perhaps the most well known of the single note essential oils for sleep. It has a long history of medicinal use for its calming properties. A clinical study suggests that inhaling the aroma of lavender may effectively promote quality of sleep.

Other popular botanical-based essential oils that may help promote sleep are ylang ylang (to support a healthy mood), chamomile (to support a calm feeling), jasmine (for sleep support and to help support the immune system against microbes), and valerian root. This study suggests that valerian extracts used in supplements contain gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA), an inhibitory neurotransmitter that may cause a sedative effect, but whether it can cross the blood-brain barrier to support sleep is unknown without further research.

Many aromatherapists also recommend Citrus bergamia, commonly known as bergamot. It is a hybrid of bitter orange and lemon that is thought to help provide stress support. Clinical studies suggest bergamot essential oil used in massage application or diffused may have some calming effects as well. You can read more about the potential benefits of using bergamot essential oil for sleep here.

While single note essential oils can be used on their own by mixing a few drops with water and diffusing them into the air, among other uses, a blend of essential oils could offer potentially different results and more than one benefit.

Try These Oil Blends

One popular blend of essential oils for sleep is the Sleepy Time Synergistic Blend made by Wyndmere Essential Oils. Its ingredient list includes lavender but also blends notes of mandarin, marjoram, ylang ylang, and vetiver, which are thought to help calm the body, support relaxation, and promote a healthy response to stress. It could be just the combination you need to catch those much-needed Zzzzs!

When building your supply of essential oils for an aromatherapy kit, also be sure to include Citrus sinensis, better known orange oil. There are many potential benefits to adding this fragrant liquid to your collection. Aromatherapists often recommend it for use not only as a sleep aid, but also to help the body to naturally heal wounds. Orange oil is one of the main ingredients in Wyndmere’s Anxiety Release Synergistic Blend, and it’s often touted by experts as a great option to help promote a calm feeling of well-being.

Alternative Sleep Support Options

Sometimes getting a good night’s sleep is all about setting the mood. Once you’ve selected the essential oils you want to use, explore the different ways you can reap their benefits. Staring at a computer or smartphone all day can put strain your eyes and make it harder to fall asleep at night, but using an eye mask infused with essential oils may help.

Look for an eye mask that has multiple uses, like this sinus pillow from Earth Therapeutics, which you can put into the fridge and then use it cold to support strained or puffy eyes. Or, follow directions to briefly pop it in the microwave. Then lay it over your forehead and let the heat do it’s thing! The warmth may help calm stuffy sinuses and temporarily relieve minor head or neck discomfort.

Another unique option to try when using essential oils for sleep is Badger’s soothing sleep balm. It is 100% natural and USDA certified organic. The balm combines rosemary oil, which is thought to help clear the mind, with lavender and bergamot oils, which are believed to promote relaxation and sleep. Just rub a little onto your chest or under your nose. You can even use it on your lips or to softly massage your temples. There are no artificial ingredients in this balm, so you can use it on the whole family.

If you still need help drifting off to sleep, try this set of inhalation beads by Aromafloria. The beads, for adult use only, are filled with hops, lavender and valerian oils, which fill your senses as you inhale. Hops is thought to support temporary relief of nervous tension, an experience known to many beer drinkers, no doubt! This brand also makes an option for stress support.

Getting Started

No matter what your lifestyle may be, Natural Healthy Concepts has the essential oils you need to help support optimal health. Shop our selection of essential oils today, and read about the best essential oils for beginners here.

To find out more about how to use essential oils, visit our Essential Oils: Guide to Potential Benefits and Uses.

What are some of your favorite essential oils for sleep? Share your thoughts in the comments below!