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Echinacea is the Perfect Herb for Your Seasonal Health Needs


You woke up this morning and you see a change! It’s colder outside, the leaves are turning orange and brown, and more people are coughing and blowing their noses without washing their hands.

Suddenly you notice every door handle, smudges on the table at your favorite coffee shop, and give a second glance at every public bathroom.

You know your immune system is working overtime and you’re wondering if it can keep up. Avoiding all of the challenges that cold weather brings is nearly impossible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put up a good fight.

When your healthy immune system needs a helping hand, turn to echinacea. This flowering plant contains several compounds that research suggests may provide optimal support for the immune system and may help to provide temporary relief from occasional symptoms sometimes associated with common seasonal challenges.

What Makes Echinacea Ideal As A Medicinal Aid?

Echinacea was made popular in folk medicine and pop culture as a cure-all for many different seasonal challenges. While scientific research doesn’t hold that it is a magical cure, it does contain numerous biologically active properties.

These properties include antioxidants that may help to remove free radicals and foreign microbes from the body during the normal detoxification process in the liver, support for the immune system and killer cells that help to destroy some foreign organisms in the body, and support for how the body responds to internal challenges. Most interesting is that some research even suggests that echinacea may help to reduce the length and severity of good.

Echinacea also contains few reported side effects and is considered generally safe for most people. It gets even better when you learn that echinacea is quite popular, so you have a lot of choices when it comes to using it in supplement form.


The first and possibly best option is echinacea tea. If you have access to the whole plant, you can use any part, including the leaves, stems, flowers, and even the roots.

If you don’t have access to the plant, try Immuni Tea Certified Organic from Oregon’s Wild Harvest. It contains a blend of flavorful herbs with a range of complimentary herbal compounds that may be ideal for when you wake up with that telling scratch in your throat.

Capsules, Tablets, and Chewables

You can’t go too wrong with echinacea capsules, tables, and chewables. With these, is all about preference. Each of these forms is great because they contain extracts of the best parts of echinacea and are concentrated into a form you can pop anytime during the day.

Wellness Formula from Source Naturals comes with 120 capsules, and a blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs to help and maintain your immune system health. Start taking this supplement before the seasons start to change and for as long as you notice people are stuck in bed during the day.

Liquid Tinctures and Extracts

If you struggle with swallowing or are looking to cook with echinacea, liquid tinctures and extracts should be on your shopping list right now! These supplements are available in alcohol and alcohol-free varieties. With each dosage of these liquids, you are getting the concentrated extracts of echinacea. Add it to your drinks, food, or as a part of your daily supplement regimen.

Wellness Herbal Resistance Liquid from Source Naturals is a liquid supplement that provides support for the immune system by stimulating white cell activity. This formula contains an herbal blend that also includes elderberry, ginger, and eleuthero to name a few of the many potentially beneficial medicinal herbs in this product.

Take Echinacea and Maintain Feelings Of Wellness

There is so much you can do for your health during every season of the year. Eating right, exercise, getting plenty of sleep, washing your hands, and drinking water or hot tea will get you on the right track and may even help you to maintain feelings of wellness when things aren’t at their best.

Everyone could use a little extra help now and then. The immune system is no exception. You shouldn’t put all of your egg in one basket and rely solely on echinacea to support your immune system, but when combined with other support products and a healthy lifestyle, echinacea may be exactly what you want to keep you feeling at your best all year round.