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Detox Guide: Day 7 – Post Detox Diet Plan

Maintenance & Post Detox Diet Plan

So, how was your detox journey? I hope this 7-day guide offered the instructions and information you needed to make this detox a more effective and fulfilling process. My goal was to promote daily interaction so you would stay focused and motivated! Was that the case? Consider sharing your results below with your comment.

If you feel a bit disappointed, keep in mind that outcomes depend on many things, such as if you have completed a detox before, how aggressive your plan was and your individual body makeup. Regardless, know that you realized some benefit. As I’ve mentioned before, most every detox, no matter how short, helps a little.

Now what? you may be thinking. The whole idea of a detox is not “one and done.” Regular cleanses (2-4 per year) may help keep levels of toxins in your system lower, and promote continued health and vitality.

If you have allergies, you may even find your symptoms are reduced after several cleanses. Read my story how several cleanses eliminated hay fever allergy symptoms.

As you’ve learned from this series, no matter how healthy you eat, you will still be exposed to toxins from the air, your surroundings, personal care products, etc.

In the best of all worlds, you will be able to take what you’ve learned about toxins and your body from this 7-Day Detox Guide and other sources and incorporate some healthier habits into your daily life going forward. Refer back to these posts for your next cleanse and for great tips and continued motivation.

Food plan Try to continue eating the majority of your food from the delicious, healthy foods list provided on day one. Supplementation is also important to help support your elimination system and to ensure you are getting the nutrients you need. You can’t go wrong with a greens drink to insure you are getting enough veggies and fruits in your daily regimen.

Water Keep drinking enough pure water! Your elimination organs will thank you. Your skin will thank you. Your waistline will thank you.

Elimination Continue to follow through on the tips for keeping your elimination organs functioning optimally. If regularity is always an issue for you, even outside of a cleanse, you might consider supplementing with fiber to promote regular stool elimination. Chia Seeds have the benefit of omega-3 plus fiber and might be the perfect choice if you know you aren’t getting enough fiber in your diet. Another great option is magnesium citrate. Magnesium citrate is an osmotic laxative (it pulls water into the stool for softening) and it helps to relax bowel spasms. Since it is common for Americans to have a magnesium deficiency, this could be your key to many health benefits and regular elimination.

Symptoms Remember, regular cleanses will greatly reduce or eliminate any detox symptoms. Though it would be highly unusual, if symptoms continue past the end of your detox, see your healthcare practitioner. Beginning your cleanse slowly with a daily detox shake for a week or so before will greatly minimize symptoms.

Weight Loss Keep up with parts of the healthier lifestyle that you embraced during detox if you want to maintain the weight loss or continue to lose weight. There are always supplements that may help curb appetite a bit, but remember, they are by no means a magic bullet.

Benefits Be good to yourself for the long term in order to continue to enjoy the benefits of your detox.

If you take anything away from this experience, continue to VOID AND AVOID TOXINS as much as possible!

Best wishes as you move forward from your detox experience. I hope you are able to make permanent changes for your long-term health and enjoy the wonderful benefits that come with them. As we say at Natural Healthy Concepts, “Your Health is the Best Investment You’ll Ever Make!”

Comment below and share the benefits you’ve received from your detox.

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