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Supplements That Detox and Cleanse Internal Organs


You have a body. And in your body are systems. Within these systems are your internal organs and they can be healthy or unhealthy, clean or polluted. Our bodies are great at cleansing themselves, but we all know from health issues seen in ourselves, our friends, and relatives that that body’s detoxifying process can be slowed or compromised. To remedy this, a change of lifestyle must occur, often in the form of exercise, diet, or supplementation.

The systems for our internal organs are as follows:

  • Circulatory System – Heart, veins, arteries
  • Digestive/Excretory System – Everything from the mouth through the intestines
  • Endocrine System – Creates and regulates hormones
  • Integumentary System – Skin, nails, hair, glands
  • Lymphatic System – Lymph nodes and such, for producing and transporting lymph to fight disease
  • Muscular System – all those muscles
  • Nervous System – The brain and nerves that radiate throughout the body
  • Renal/Urinary System – Filters the blood through the kidneys
  • Reproductive System – the sex organs
  • Respiratory System – the lungs and windpipe
  • Skeletal System – “Dem bones”, the scaffolding upon which all other organs rest

When viewed like this, it’s easy to appreciate just how complex the body is, and how easy it might be for something to go wrong if one or more organs are compromised by toxins.

How Do Toxins Get Into Our Internal Organs?

The study of toxins and poisons, as well as the bodily processes that eliminate and are affected by them, is called Toxicology. Very generally speaking, toxins enter the body through the air, through contact with our physical surroundings, and through our diets. But even apart from these exterior causes, our bodies produce their own toxins.

Each person has a metabolism by which energy is produced and regulated. The human metabolism can be compared to a kind of engine – taking raw materials, breaking them down, creating a bunch of heat, and producing some waste materials in the process.

Waste is produced because our body doesn’t use every last bit of the food we eat. Some parts (and some products of breakdown and storage) are actually harmful to our organs, and these have to be taken out. Because humans can’t intentionally remove these toxins from our bodies, our internal organs systems have evolved to do the job for us, mainly through feces and urine and sweat. The one way humans can participate in this process is being doing and consuming things that accelerate this natural detoxification process.

Supplements That Support Detoxification

Natural Healthy Concepts supplies a number of excellent products which may help in this effort.

15-Day Weight Loss Support Flush & Cleanse


When our digestion process is slow, it’s difficult for the body to eliminate the right amount of waste, and weight gain is also a more likely possibility. This product helps to promote healthy digestion to help stave off both of these problems.




Blessed Herbs Colon Cleansing Kit


This kit gives you the basics you’ll need for a liquid fast, part of which you’ll be allowed to eat during. This may do a great deal of work in eliminating built up toxins from your body.




Nature’s Way Activated Charcoal


This processed charcoal product is an excellent absorbing agent. It won’t be absorbed into your body. Rather, it appears to absorb heavy metals and other toxins, binding them to food waste which is then eliminated from the body.




Liver Blend SP-13 Dandelion-Milk Thistle, 100 /Veg Capsules, Solaray


This blend combines dandelion root, burdock, and milk thistle – all herbs thought to help rid your liver of toxins, which in turn may help purify other bodily systems which depend on the liver for healthy function.




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