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Risks of Dehydration? No More After These 5 Tips


Since water is tasteless, for some people it might be difficult to reach to the 8-glasses-per-day requirement. So, drink in these five tips to add more drops of excitement to your daily carafe!

Dunk in fruit slices

Why don’t you try to infuse your water with anything healthy and flavorful? Fresh fruits, veggie pieces or herbs will do well all the time. To name a few options for you: grapefruit, mint, strawberries, lemon, watermelon, raspberries, thyme, ginger, celery, basil and cucumber.

These tasty add-ins will help jazz up your H2O without adding carbs that you’ll get when directly absorbing raw fruit slices. Besides, your glasses are sure to appeal ten times more aesthetic, especially when these extra elements are frozen into ice cubes. A fascinating serve for both your eyes and your hydration needs!

Occasionally, getting some of these juicy slices to the processor for an energizing cup of juice is a wise choice too. Keep in mind that fresh, organic, ripe, and succulents fruits should be accompanied with a good commercial juicer for satisfying results. It takes none to play it big. Go on and make an investment now if you really want to. It’s been decades since your appetite was jazzed up anyway.

Use your own bottle as a reminder

Here’s one more easy-peasy way for you to accomplish enough-water-drinking task daily. It barely requires you any much effort, but might be something you haven’t thought of anywhere.

Use your marker and note down the water limit for each hour as a reminder for you to regularly sip throughout the day. This not only helps you reach your personal water goal, but also gets you to separate each refill but still make sure to not miss out on any of them.

Choose water-rich food and eat them raw

Drinking is not the only way to keep you hydrated. Water is everywhere, and your mission is to find which food is packed with the highest water content.

Top picks to literally “eat your water” to be listed are cucumber, watermelon, lettuce, grapefruit, celery, radishes, zucchini, tomatoes, cauliflower, spinach, and literally countless of other types of veggies and fruits. All you have to do is try out those water-rich foods as much as you can, then filter out some of your favorites. Store them everywhere around your house instead of junk foods and unhealthy knick-knacks. It’s a win-win here!

It is also important to keep in mind that those foods are best eaten raw since they lose water when cooked.

Make an investment in water filtration

Who doesn’t want to have everything clean and safe? And here’s something you might not know once you’ve paid some more attention: filtered water also tastes better than original tap water.

Yes, it is. It is advised that you invest in one for your kitchen. Water filtration is a must-have for healthy cooking and drinking. Water filtration guarantees marvelous health benefits, like body cleansing and detoxifying effects. You won’t regret getting one ever!

Take a sip between everything

Nutritionists suggest that if drinking water throughout the day takes you too much effort to maintain, then you should get yourself into the habit of sipping bit by bit, every time you start or finish doing something.

Before you get off for work, take the last drop of water. Finished your laundry already? Take another sip. Fill water up between every of your daily activity. It’s much more encouraging than forcing yourself to gulp down a liter all at once.

In fact, it’s also true that drinking water in small amounts gradually is better than waiting for the craving. Your kidneys will have to work harder to deal with a whole big flood of water streaming down immediately. That’s why sipping habit is better for your urination.

Occasionally, straws will also help big time. Because, well, straw slurping is fun, to be honest. One slurp is enough to trigger an unintentional chain of behavior, and you’ll reach your desired water intake before you even realize it yourself.

Guest post written by Luna Regina.

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