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Comment to Win! Tell Us What You’re Thankful for That Keeps You Healthy & Happy


You know you’re supposed to be thankful. But how many of us actually take time each and every day to express gratitude for the good things in our lives?

If I’m being honest…I can go quite a while without remembering to think about what I’m truly thankful for.  And it sounds like I might be missing out.

There is a ton of research showing that being grateful can have huge benefits and rewards to your life.

Here are Natural Healthy Concepts, we’re giving you one more way to be rewarded for giving thanks. All you need to do is tell us about the natural health product you’re most thankful for and you could win it!

Keep reading to find out how to play…


This contest has ended. Thanks to everyone who participated!

And congratulations to the five winners, Carol Allen, Mary Anne JK, Jo Williams, Jesseica Heintz and Mariah B.! They each won their selected product!

Stay tuned for more contests and chances to win!


To some people, it might seem silly to be thankful for things like vitamins, or probiotics and other natural health products. But if you’re someone who’s health, well-being and life has been positively effected by a supplement or even a natural beauty product – then you know there are reasons to be grateful.

Not everyone in the world has access to vitamins and supplements – much less healthy natural food! That’s why this holiday season Natural Healthy Concepts is teaming up with customers like you to support Vitamin Angels. This charity fights hidden hunger around the world. There are many children who may have enough calories in their diet, but they are missing important micronutrients to keep them healthy and flourishing.

So from now through the end of 2015, every time you order Vitamin A products, Multivitamins or Prenatal Supplements – a portion of that sale goes to Vitamin Angles as they help provide nourishment to young children and mothers in need around the world. Find out more in our post about Vitamin Angels.

Now…we also want to have fun and give back to some loyal customers this year too. So let’s talk about the giveaway. Five lucky people will win their favorite health product from our store!

How to Enter Our Thanksgiving Giveaway!

1. Pick a Product You’re Thankful for

First things first. You need to visit the Natural Healthy Concepts website and find your favorite natural health product.

Maybe it’s a digestive enzyme that’s helped your tummy, or maybe there is a supplement for kids that your little ones actually love to take. You could have a natural cosmetics product that helps you look your best without unwanted ingredients, or a stress relief supplement that you might need to help you get through the hectic holidays.

2. Copy and Paste the URL in a Comment

Once you’ve found that product, you’ll need to copy the URL/web address for the product. It’s easy – just look at the address bar on the top of your web browser and copy the URL. (Use your mouse to copy or hit CTL-C or Command-C on the keyboard)

Then you’ll need to paste the product link into the comment. Don’t use the web address field. Stick it right at the top of the main comment area. (Use your mouse to paste or hit CTL-V or Command-V on the keyboard)

3. Enter Your Email & Tell Us Why You’re Thankful

We’ll need an email address so we can contact you if you’re one of the five lucky winners. So make sure to enter a valid email address when you leave your comment.

The hard part is over. Now we want to hear about that natural health product you love so much. Tell us why you’re thankful you found it and how it benefits your life.

4. Wait for the 5 Winners to be Announced

Winners will be chosen randomly on Tuesday, November 24th. Five people will win the natural health product they are thankful for. Natural Healthy Concepts will contact winners by the email address provided and ask for an appropriate shipping address.

But you have to be sure you’ve followed the rules to qualify:

  • Paste a product URL
  • Leave a valid email address
  • Tell us why your thankful

You can view the Official Contest Rules to get further details.

Happy Holidays! Have an amazing Thanksgiving…and THANK YOU…for being a friend.