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What are Collagen Peptides and How Do You Use Them?

collagen peptides
Collagen peptides are often taken as a supplement to support healthy looking skin, hair, nails, and more!

If you’ve strolled down a beauty or vitamin aisle recently, you’ve probably seen tons of products that feature collagen–and for good reason. Collagen protein can promote healthier-looking skin, support joint and gut health, and may even support a healthy metabolism. However, increasing your collagen levels isn’t always a simple task, as aging and environmental factors can cause your collagen production to stall. Fortunately, products like collagen peptides make it easier to add a dose of collagen to your meals.

The Details About Collagen Protein

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. It is found in the skin, nails, hair, connective tissue, arteries, and organs. This protein is responsible for giving the skin its elasticity, and it also promotes gut, joint, and cardiovascular health.

Collagen is often referred to as a complex protein because it is made up of 19 different amino acids. These amino acids are both essential and nonessential (also called conditional). But don’t let the term nonessential amino acids fool you. These types of amino acids affect your joint health, muscle growth, digestive system, and more. They are typically produced by the body, but if you’re sick, stressed, or otherwise unhealthy it is difficult for your body to produce them in acceptable quantities.

Collagen is composed of three chains that are each over 1,400 amino acids long. These three chains are wound together to form a triple helix. Proline and glycine are two of the main amino acids found in collagen protein strands. Proline helps protect the joints, blood vessels, and cardiovascular system, while glycine supports muscle growth and energy levels.

It’s important to understand how collagen is formed in order to understand what collagen peptides are. Collagen peptides are formed when collagen is broken into small chains of amino acids. This makes collagen peptides easier to digest and easier for your body to absorb, possibly maximizing the potential benefits collagen has to offer your body. It is also important to support collagen with vitamins and nutrients.

Using Collagen Peptides

There are several types of collagen supplements on the market these days–powders, proteins, drinks, gelatins, peptides, and more. In general, these products can promote higher collagen levels, which may support the following:

  • Healthier looking skin
  • Joint elasticity
  • Gut health
  • Support healthier metabolism
  • Better energy levels
  • Muscle growth
  • Healthy-looking nails, hair, and teeth
  • Liver health
  • Cardiovascular system

One of the main differences between collagen protein and collagen peptides is the consistency. Collagen proteins gel when they come into contact with cold liquids. For this reason, many people use collagen protein as a thickener in soups, gravy, and sauces. It can also be used to add more protein to desserts and egg-based dishes.

Collagen peptides are processed differently. Because the amino acids are broken down during processing, collagen peptides don’t thicken or gel when they are added to liquids. For this reason, collagen peptides blend well in beverages such as smoothies and juices. However, this versatile form of collagen can be added to all kinds of foods–feel free to experiment with dessert batters, stews, drinks, entrees, and more.

Getting Started

Collagen peptides are an easily digestible form of protein and it’s a versatile way to add a dose of protein to your diet. However, we know it can be intimidating to start using new products or a new type of protein powder.

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Do you already use a collagen supplement? If so, share your experiences and tips in the comments below!