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Natural Cleaning Products for Every Room in Your House

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Use these natural cleaning products to safely clean every room in your house without toxic chemicals!

Over the past few decades, an increasing amount of cleaning products have been introduced into our homes, each one containing potentially harmful amounts of chemicals. Using one of these products in a properly ventilated room isn’t likely to cause health concerns. However, using several at the same time can become a problem, exposing your family and our planet to more chemicals than scientists and manufacturers originally bargained for.

So what’s the solution? Can you have a clean home without the onslaught of chemicals and  toxins? The answer, of course, is absolutely YES, you can, and there are a surprising number of ways to go about it. One easy solution is to tackle your household chores using a small number of natural cleaning products. These products can be store bought or homemade, and both options tackle messes without toxins or decreased air quality.

The store at Natural Healthy Concepts has a wide selection of eco-friendly cleaning products, tailored for every room of your home. Keep reading for details on how you can clean every room using only safe, natural cleaning products and essential oils.

Cleaning Products for Every Room

The Kitchen

Your kitchen is the room where most of your biggest messes happen, from thrown spaghetti to grease splatter and everything in between. It’s also the place where you prepare food to nourish your family, which is all the more reason to decrease toxins there. Homemade counter sprays are a fantastic option, as they can be easily mixed with household items such as vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. For a ready-to-use option that smells fantastic, check out Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Basil Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner.

The Bathroom

Odds are you don’t enjoy cleaning your bathroom, but it clearly can’t be avoided. Harsh chemicals and hauling around buckets of cleaning products doesn’t make it easy, but a few natural cleaning choices like Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Lemon Verbena Toilet Bowl Cleaner or Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Surface Scrub can make this dirty job 100% more enjoyable and far less toxic.

The Playroom

Children’s toys often have dozens of pieces and end up in the most unusual plays like under the couch, behind the toilet or in a preschooler’s mouth. You don’t need harsh chemicals or bleach to kill germs and sanitize toys – a simple solution of vinegar and water will work for most non porous objects. To clean and sanitize stuffed and cloth toys, try tossing them in the washing machine with a sprinkle of baking soda and a few capfuls of vinegar.

The Family Room

Gone are the days of needing soft cloths and Pledge to dust and freshen your family room; a quality microfiber cloth and water are all you need to keep your living room surfaces dust-free. For wood surfaces, you can create your own furniture polish using jojoba oil, lemon, lavender and orange essential oils like Organic Orange Essential Oil from Dr. Mercola.

Pet Messes

Those of us who are pet owners understand how messy and sometimes smelly living with animals can be. Thankfully, there are a host of natural cleaning products that can remove pet stains and odors without adding toxins to your air or furniture. For starters, try Fresh Deodorizing Spray for Dogs by Wondercide. To eliminate pet odor naturally, try vinegar and baking soda or a natural citrus enzyme cleaner.

Also Try Essential Oils

When you create your own cleaning products from natural ingredients, you may notice that the chemically produced “fresh scent” found in conventional cleaners is missing. With single note essential oils and essential oil blends, it’s easy to add the clean smell back in, and with the added benefit each unique oil brings to the table.

For example, a natural floor clean can be easily made from castile soap and essentials oils such as pine needle, cedarwood, rosemary, and peppermint essential oil.  Additionally, you may be able to remove mildew from your shower doors with a few drops of lemon oil once a month and sanitize your toilets with tea tree oil and warm water in a spray bottle.

How do you clean your home naturally? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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