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Chew Your Way to Probiotic Health

Jarrow puts the pro in probiotics!

We have finally got our hands, or should I say teeth and gums, on the probiotic chewing gum from Jarrow Formulas that made the prestigious Vitamin Retailer Magazine’s 2012 Best New Products.

best new products award

Also available in a lozenge formula, Jarro-Dophilus Oral Probiotic works to support immune, teeth, gum, ear, nose and throat health, as well as fresh breath.

Our mouths are home to literally billions of bacteria. These include friendly, protective bacteria that serve as your first line of defense against unfriendly bacteria that enter through your mouth and nose.

And chewing probiotic gum, or sucking on a lozenge, populates your mouth with these good bacteria. It also increases the interaction time of oral probiotics with oral cavities, enhancing the benefits.

It was this novel approach to providing a convenient, easy-to-use probiotic supplement that caught the eye of Vitamin Retailer.

Every year, the industry leading dietary supplement magazine identifies a select few products and brands for its prestigious industry awards.

A Long History of Success

The success of Jarro-Dophilus Oral Probiotic is just the latest in a long line of awards received by Jarrow Formulas.

Its award-winning supplements also include Neuro Optimizer, Bone-Up formula, Bowel Support, and the highly regarded Fem Dophilus and Jarro-Dophilus EPS probiotic formulas.

Spotlight on Probiotics

Nonetheless, it’s probiotics that are in the limelight with the company’s latest award.

Probiotics contain millions of healthy organisms that have been known to improve the digestive process and absorption of nutrients, support the body’s immune system, and, most importantly, help naturally balance internal/gut flora.

The intestinal flora balance in your body is affected by your diet, stress, medications, environmental toxins, and infections. Probiotic supplements help restore and keep the balance within your body.

Mary’s blog post Why Take Probiotcs? Here are 10 Reasons! offers some more great information on probiotics!

And it is well worth reading because the interest in probiotics is just about to heat up, and then some.

In 2011, the global probiotic market was worth more than $24bn. By 2018, however, the market is expected to explode to over $44.5bn, fueled by growing awareness of healthcare and healthy eating.

Jarrow Formulas Takes Center Stage

And in the middle of this explosion of interest will be Jarrow Formulas, which not only formulates some of the most popular probiotics on the market but also supplies top-quality ingredients to other producers.

It has achieved this vaunted status through a strong commitment to innovation and superior formulation.

It has pioneered the development of industry leading probiotics for adults, women, seniors, children, and pets.

More than Just Probiotics


Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Jarrow Formulas’ commitment to innovation extends beyond probiotics to a complete line of nutritional products, including many cutting-edge vitamins, minerals, standardized herbal concentrates, amino acids, enzymes and intestinal nutrition products.

That commitment can be seen by the new product rollouts over the last few months.

In November last year, it launched MagMind, which provides magnesium to support your cognition, memory and brain health.

It followed this up in December with new on the go additions to its popular whey protein line.

And in the same month it launched QH-Pomegranate, which combines two of the premier cardio-protective ingredients available today in one softgel: ubiquinol and pomegranate extract.

If you want to find out more about products from this innovative and cutting edge company, you should explore our Jarrow Formulas brand page.