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5 Incredible Chaste Tree Berry Uses

chaste tree berry uses
Chaste tree berry uses include support for a healthy hormone balance, a healthy stress response, and more.

Chaste tree berry is an herbal supplement you may find in your local health store. Today, it’s common for women to rely on chaste tree berry tinctures or capsules for support with menstruation and fertility. However, the chaste tree was originally given its name because monks chewed on the small, brown berries and chaste tree leaves in an attempt to dull their sex drive and assist them in their vows of celibacy. But don’t worry despite its name, this herbal supplement doesn’t usually provide a pronounced reduction in sex drive. In fact, there are a number of chaste tree berry uses that may particularly have potential benefits for women.

About the Chaste Tree

The chaste tree berry also known as vitex comes from the chaste tree, a flowering shrub that is native to the Mediterranean. Today, chaste trees are regularly cultivated in warm, temperate climates all over the world. Typically, the tree bears fruit in the hot summer months.

The small, brown berries contain hundreds of compounds, and they are particularly high in flavonoids and steroids. Because of these properties, extracts and supplements made from chaste tree berries may promote a healthy internal response and help regulate hormonal changes.

Chaste tree berries, leaves, and the tender parts of stems can be used to make tinctures, syrup, and teas. They are also converted to a powder used in capsules or pills. Because of the strong, bitter taste of chaste tree berries, today it’s not as common for people to drink chaste tree berry tea or consume it as a syrup. However, some records show that the syrup of the berries was given to nuns in convents in order to dull their sex drive. Today, chaste tree berry supplements most often take the form of capsules or liquid tinctures.

Chaste Tree Berry Uses

While some ancient practices focused on using the chaste tree to reduce sex drive, the plant has also been used to provide support to women during menopause, menstruation, and other hormonal changes. Here are some common uses for chaste tree berry:

  • Support before menstrual cycles. Many women use vitex or chaste tree berry extract to provide support during their monthly cycle. A medical study treated more than 1,600 patients with chaste tree berry before their menstrual cycle. After three cycles, 93 percent of patients reported fewer symptoms or a lack of complaints altogether.
  • Provides fertility support. It is possible using chaste tree berry daily can promote fertility in women. According to University of Michigan Health, in a medical trial of 48 women experiencing fertility issues, seven became pregnant after using vitex daily for three months.
  • Promotes healthier-looking skin. It’s common for hormonal imbalances to cause acne, especially in women. Chaste tree berry may support healthier-looking skin by balancing hormone levels that can lead to breakouts.
  • May support lactation in breastfeeding mothers. Any woman who has attempted to breastfeed knows that improving lactation is the key to keeping a baby happy and healthy. Some women rely on chaste tree berry tinctures to promote lactation. However, be sure to talk to your doctor or pediatrician before using any tinctures or herbal remedies to make sure it is safe for you and your baby.
  • Support during menopause. Menopause often comes with uncomfortable sensations, such as hot flashes, difficulty sleeping, and more. One study indicates that vitex or chaste tree berry can provide support for these symptoms during menopause.

How to Incorporate Chaste Tree Berry Into Your Life

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