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childproof your home

How to Childproof Your Home for Safety

Ensuring your home is a safe place for kids is a crucial task for parents, grandparents, or anyone who regularly has children in their home. From outlets to outdoor toxins, you need to childproof your home so the kids in your life can live and explore their surroundings without getting sick or hurt. Every March, […]

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Try This Epsom Salt Bath for Anxiety

Whether you’ve ever used it or not, Epsom salt has likely always been nearby. Whether in your mom’s medicine cabinet or sitting on the shelf at the drugstore, Epsom salt is useful for many different health and beauty applications. Believe it or not, it may also be effective at fighting anxiety. So why not order […]

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Try These Yoga Poses for Circulation

For beginners and pros alike, practicing yoga has a number of potential health benefits. Just a few of these potential benefits may include the following. Increased flexibility, muscle strength, and tone. Improved respiration and energy. Supporting maintaining a balanced metabolism. Supporting cardio and circulatory health. Support for protection from injury. Support for managing stress. Support […]

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Benefits of Walking Barefoot Outside

For most of human history, we have spent a great deal of time close to nature. Our hunter-gatherer forebears spent much of their time walking – sometimes with primitive shoes or sandals, and other times barefoot, journeying across continents in search of food or other discoveries. This doesn’t happen much anymore. But perhaps it should! […]

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