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Help! My Cat Won’t Let Me Sleep

Here’s how to tell if your cat has anxiety and how to help them calm down naturally.

Cats. We love those soft, purring, little balls of fur. But, when they start waking us up in the middle of the night, our patience starts to wear thin. What you might not realize, is that many cats suffer from anxiety, just like humans do. Just like us, a worried mind keeps them up at night, so naturally they look towards their humans for comfort. But it doesn’t have to be that way! We’ve identified four cat anxiety supplements that can help everyone get a good night’s sleep. Keep reading to learn more.

Signs Your Cat Has Anxiety

If you’ve noticed your cat suddenly starts actually differently, it could be a sign that they have anxiety. Cat anxiety is usually triggered by some type of change in their normal routine. Perhaps you’re moving to a new home? You just brought a new baby home, or perhaps a new pet? All of these changes can invoke fear in your cat, and in turn spark some interesting behavior. Here’s what to look for if you think your cat might be suffering from anxiety.

  • Unexplained Aggression
  • Relieving Itself Outside of the Litter Box
  • More Vocal, Excessive Meowing
  • Excessive Grooming
  • Suddenly Very Clingy to You
  • Change in Eating Habits

Cat Anxiety Supplements

Using all natural cat anxiety supplements on your pet can make all the difference in the world (for both of you!) Here are four that we love and will definitely help!

Serenity Now Soft Chews by DaVinci Labs – These yummy cat treats are fortified with naturally calming ingredients like thiamine, L-theanine, and colostrum, to help calm anxious feelings. No worries, these all-natural cat anxiety supplements won’t put your pet into a stupor. They simple take the edge off, while helping your cat maintain normal levels of energy and activity.

Anxiety & Stress for Cats by Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals -This easy to use powder simply dissolves right into your cat’s water bowl. It’s great for times when you have to travel with your cat. This formula naturally helps relieves stress anxiety symptoms such as stress-licking, pacing and panting, aggression and fear of loud noises.

Calming Care by Pet Wellbeing -This non-drowsy herb blend is great for long-term behavioral support. The herbs used serve as nerve restoratives, tonics and adaptogens that promote a healthy response to stressful situations. It’s also great for your pet’s immune system!

Pet Relaxant by NOW Foods – This small tablet combines relaxing herbs such as hops, chamomile, passionflower, and L-Tryptophan to help calm your anxious cat. This formula is great for when your cat becomes anxious due to an interrupted routine.

Also Try…

In addition to cat anxiety supplements, there are some other things you can try to help calm your cat when it is feeling anxious, according to Catster magazine. Try spending quality time with your cat when you can be around, or leaving the radio or TV on when you leave the house.

What works for you when trying to calm an anxious pet? Tell us in the comments below!